Requesting Vehicle Access to UCL

The UCL Logistics Team manage vehicle access and movements across the Bloomsbury Campus to minimise risk to people using campus. In doing so, we minimise congestion and vehicle related emissions.

If you require vehicle access for deliveries to any of UCL's campuses, sites, and storage facilities, you must complete the Logiscope - Vehicle Management and Monitoring forms (Parking form for Woburn Sq only);

Booking Vehicle Access

Booking Parking

Upcoming Access Vehicle Restrictions  

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Traffic rules for UCL's campuses 

  • All vehicle movement onsite must adhere to the UCL Traffic Management Plan
  • Site speed limit is walking pace only (3mph)
  • Hazard warning lights must be switched on when driving on site
  • Drivers must await instruction from a logistics operative, traffic marshal or security officer prior to manoeuvring.
  • All reversing must be under the instruction of a logistics operative, traffic marshal or security officer.
  • Engines must be switched off when stationary unless operationally essential.

Deliveries and collections to and from campus

  • Construction, Facilities and Departmental deliveries/collections MUST be booked in a delivery slot via Logiscope - Vehicle Management and Monitoring System (VMMS) form linked above.
  • Deliveries outside of 07:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday should be notified in advance to security by email. 
  • Vehicles are only allowed to stay a maximum of 30 minutes for loading and unloading activities unless authorised in advance.
  • Vehicle drivers must comply with directions of UCL security and Logistics operatives/traffic marshals.
  • When possible, vehicles will be turned to face the exit route prior to unloading.
  • Vehicles must NOT park or unload anywhere in a manner that reduces the walkway for pedestrians to ≤1 metre or restrict emergency vehicle access.
  • Double parking when delivering is NOT permitted.
  • All loads must be secured prior to moving.

Taxis and Cabs

Taxis and cabs are only admitted where collecting or dropping off a passenger with a disability or a VIP.