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UCL Mail Services have moved

On Monday 1st February 2016 the Post Room relocated to the Institute of Education. We are now based at:

Mail Services
Room 301
Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way

Tel: 020 3549 5424 (65424)

We are open from 07.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday.

The move does not affect any delivery or collection times and normal services will be maintained.

Use of the UCL mail system

The mail system at UCL is provided for the collection, sorting, delivery and dispatch of mail and parcels relating to UCL's teaching, research and administration activities. Outgoing mail items are collected and taken to the Post Room in Bedford Way where they are sorted. UCL Mail Services are responsible for all outgoing mail and have authority and final decision over use of any external carrier should the need arise. Unstamped mail for destinations external to UCL is franked before being placed into the Royal Mail system. Parcels are dispatched via an appropriate courier service.

For all enquiries and further information please contact Mail Services on 020 3549 5424 (int. 65424).

The UCL postal system is for UCL business only, and not for personal items, whether these are sent internally, externally, or received. Staff UCL business addresses must only be used for matters relating to the performance of the member of staff's UCL duties. The franking service is for UCL business only. Any items identified as private items will be retained in the post room and traced as far as possible back to their owner, which can take some time.

Mail Security - Parcels

In the current security situation it is important that the risks to staff from terrorist items sent through the post are minimised. Therefore, to assist with identification and to reduce the amount of routine security scanning, all parcels placed ready for collection by Post Room staff are to show clearly the sender's name and department. Post Room staff have been instructed not to collect parcels that do not carry a return address.

IoE Mail Service Integration

The mail services for IoE are now fully integrated into UCL Mail Services.


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