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UCL Estates is responsible for managing all building works at UCL. As projects may be managed by one or more of a number of sections within the Division we are initiating all work through the UCL Customer Services Centre who will ensure requests find the correct team in a timely manner.

Requests for 'repairs' and reports of 'defects' should be made using the Service Request Form. For all other work a Project Request will be more appropriate. Please see the UCL Estates Projects / Minor Works Flow Chart (PDF) for full details of the criteria and flows through which projects are allocated.

Project Management

Once the initial triage of a successful request has taken place you will either receive a Work Order Number or a Project Notification Number. For substantial capital projects involving alterations, new buildings or extensions your request will be allocated to a University Project Officer (UPO) who will contact you to guide you through the formal process overseen by UCL Portfolio Services.

Current Projects

Information about major building projects which are either agreed by UCL and in the design stages or are in construction is provided by the Transforming UCL website. This gives a list of the projects with the location, a brief description, the name of the UCL Estates contact and the names of any outside consultants. For projects under construction the contractors' names are also given.

Further Guidance

To use our forms you will need to use your UCL username and password. Please provide as much detail as possible so the Customer Services Centre team can most appropriately direct your request.

The Project Request will be assigned to a team and that team will appoint a University Project Officer (UPO) who will then become you main point of contact. If your project request has strategic, planning or financial implications then the request will be discussed and a decision will be given within 6 weeks. If you require information about your project please contact your UPO directly. If you have need to escalate your enquire please contact efdservices@ucl.ac.uk.

Substantial capital projects involving alterations, new buildings or extensions and schemes involving or consisting of the acquisition of property will normally be dealt with by the project management group or property management group. Minor works and smaller scale alterations are normally dealt with by our in-house design team.


For the provision, fixing and removal of door signs please see our Signage page prior to submitting your request.

Equality Act 2010

UCL Estates is committed to improving access for all who study at, work at and visit UCL. Any request for reasonable adjustment should be made using the appropriate form as indicated on the flow chart. Please use the online form to request advice concerning reasonable adjustments and alterations to improve the accessibility of buildings and facilities. UCL Estates is committed to improving its inclusive footprint and will work with disabled people in planning works on a proactive level and ensuring all reasonable adjustments are appropriately channelled.

Customer Promise

We will respond to all requests for works which do not require management through Portfolio Services (likely if the work may require planning, building regulations, or design considerations or cost more than £25k) within 5 working days.


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