Relocation, Moves and Decants

The continued remodelling of existing facilities and responsible planning are integral to the improvement of UCL's teaching, research, accommodation and service programmes.

Moves procedure

If you have a need to make any changes to your space or layout, please raise a project request.

Please allow for up to 2 weeks planning time before we are able to assess your request.


Please see the Request Works page for details on the stages involved in a New Project Request. 

What we need from you:

Before contacting the Decant and Moves Manager please have the following information available:

  • Who has requested works? (decision maker)
  • Change requested? (move, minor work, change of space etc)
  • Date of completion required
  • Budget approved?
  • Who is paying for it?  

This information is included in the PID sent to all stakeholders (eg: AFM, Fire Safety team, Environmental team etc) for approval. 

Raise a new project request