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No works should be carried out on UCL Campus within the university without approval from UCL Estates.

COVID19 update

There is currently a backlog of project requests to be processed and assigned, so please bear with us. 
If your project request is of an urgent nature please contact your faculty Director of Operations DOO so this can be prioritised.
Immediate health and safety issue or office moves should be raised as a service request where the DLO team or porters will be able to assist. 

Guidance on the maintenance and refurbishment of buildings

Construction-related activity can ONLY be carried out in UCL spaces and buildings (whether owned or leased) by UCL Estates, as part of a registered project or maintenance activities. 

As duty holders with responsibility for the UCL fabric and Infrastructure, no works should be carried out within the university without approval from UCL Estates.
UCL Estates has well-developed Employers Requirements, Health & Safety and governance procedures that need to be complied with as set out below. Projects carried out directly by departments will not be compliant with these procedures (even if using Estates contractors) and will be in breach of The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

This could also result in the works being in contravention of the UCL financial regulations and they may present an unacceptable health and safety risks to students, staff and public within the UCL estate.

Departments should not approach contractors, consultants or suppliers to directly to arrange quotations or carry out works. Contractors have been advised that if they receive requests direct from departments, they should refer them to UCL Estates.

Project requests or works could include:

  • moves and decants
  • flooring
  • doors
  • walls
  • lights
  • ceiling tiles
  • power supplies
  • power and data supply
  • installation and removal of partition walls
  • redecoration
  • heating and cooling alterations
  • asbestos queries

Works process

  1. Request submitted. Please raise a project notification request. Estates will acknowledge your request within two working days.
  2. Assessment. Request assessed against UCL Space Standards.
  3. Scope outlined. Site visited by Estates to assess request (photographs and measurements taken).
  4. Drawing and Designs. Prepare existing and proposed layouts and Project Initiation Document (PID) raised.
  5. Cost Estimate. Cost of works calculated and forecast budget proposed for client budget owner approval.
  6. Approval. (From internal and external stakeholders)
  7. Procure and Deliver. Works booked in for completion (Date depending on scope of work)

Download the work process flow chart

Before requesting work please consider the following:

  • Who needs to approve the scope of works? (decision maker)
  • Date of completion required
  • Who is funding the project? Download our handy decision making flow chart to check whether the project should be department or Estates funded. If departmentally funded, you should identify this funding as part of your project Request.
  • Is the project request supported by your Departmental Manager / Director of Operations?


The PNR Database, previously used to request projects from UCL Estates, has been replaced by the UCL Portal.

You will be able to access the Portal at any time via UCL single sign-on.  A profile will be automatically created for you when you first access the system.

PLEASE NOTE: currently requests cannot be saved and returned to at a later stage. Please ensure you select ‘Submit’.

If you have any queries, encounter any issues or would like an update on a request please contact portfolioservices@ucl.ac.uk.

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