What to do if you stay at home

If you need to stay at home due to COVID-19, it is important to understand what steps to take for your health and for your academic studies.

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Continuing with your studies whilst staying at home 

With new published advice on living safely and no domestic COVID-19 restrictions in England. If you feel unwell, even if it's 'just' a cold or sort throat, we strongly encourage you to stay at home if you can. This is to help avoid passing on infections to others in the community. 

If you are staying at home, you should continue to study to the extent that you can, by completing reading, following online lectures etc. You will not be penalised in any way if you miss face-to-face sessions due to respiratory infections including COVID-related illness. Please ensure you speak to your module tutor as they may be able to signpost online materials so you can continue following your studies, if you are well enough.

If you're unable to attend teaching due to illness, please report this to your department as soon as possible - more information can be found on the Attendance at UCL pages and Student Attendance Policy 2021/22.  

We recognise this may be a difficult time for you, so if you feel that you are unable to engage fully with your studies whilst staying at home – whether this is due to health matters or the emotional impacts – we strongly encourage you to speak to your department about the options available to you, including our Extenuating Circumstances procedure.

If you feel you can no longer engage with your studies in the longer term due to the effects of COVID, remember that you have the option to take a formal break from your studies through interruption. It is important to think carefully about this and speak with your department first to decide on the best option for you. 

UCL’s primary objective is to support our students. We are conscious that self-isolation can be distressing or disruptive for some students, while others will be largely unaffected and able to continue their studies as normal. If you're required to self-isolate, we will not automatically assume that you need an extension or deferral. You can make the decision to apply for extra support via the Extenuating Circumstances process if self-isolation is having a significant impact on your ability to study or complete assessments.

Read our Extenuating Circumstances policy. 

Find about about interrupting or withdrawing from your studies.

Food and shopping whilst staying at home

You should arrange your own food deliveries as you will not be able to go out shopping during this time. The main food shops in the UK that you can buy groceries and toiletries online from are:

The main food delivery companies are Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat, and you are also able to order basic grocery deliveries such as from Co-op through these. You can also get groceries delivered directly to you through companies such as Weezy or Jiffy - make sure to look out for discount codes for all of these to save yourself some pennies. Some local restaurants may also deliver to you – look on Google Maps for places near where you live.