Re-schedule your appointment

If you're going to be late, or can no longer attend your appointment it's important to let us know as soon as possible.

Re-schedule or cancel your appointment

If you need to re-schedule or cancel a confirmed appointment, please inform us at least 48 hours in advance, via the contact details below. This allows us to offer cancelled sessions to other students in need of an appointment.

There is high demand on our service, with many students requesting counselling. In the interest of fairness and to ensure as many students as possible have access, we are only able to offer a maximum of 2 opportunities to reschedule.

We are unable to continue offering you counselling or other forms of support if you request rescheduling more than twice, or if you miss 2 appointments without prior notice. In this case, you would be discharged from our service and we would instead direct to external sources of support. 

Email us: spcs-info@ucl.ac.uk 

If you decide, at any time after you have submitted the registration form that you feel you no longer require an appointment, it would be much appreciated if you could inform us via the contact details above.

Late arrival for appointments

Please notify us if you are going to be late. If you arrive late for an appointment, it will still finish at the scheduled time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your session may not take place.

Email us: spcs-info@ucl.ac.uk 

There is a high demand for counselling from SPCS, so please ensure you’re on time for your appointments, or let us know in advance when you can’t attend, so that we can keep waiting times down and see as many students as possible.

Help us to help you

On average over the last two years, 2,703 counselling appointments were lost each year at Student Psychological and Counselling Services because they were cancelled too late for us to allocate them to other students, or because they were not attended at all.

So what can you do to help reduce this figure?

Please cancel your appointment if you cannot attend, giving us as much notice as you can, so that we can allocate your appointment to another student.

This would mean that on average over the last two years that each year, 450 more students could have been offered therapeutic support.