Rest and recharge

19 May 2022

It's important to take time to truly rest as the year comes to a close in order to ensure you recharge to begin the summer with energy, motivation and enthusiasm, no matter what level of study you are at.

Scrabble letters spelling out rest

Why rest?

Rest is important to ensure that your body and mind are able to perform effectively. After another busy term, making time to rest is essential. This can also help to prevent illness and the burnout that can happen when you don’t give yourself a break. 

How do I rest?

Rest looks different for everyone. For some people, it will mean downing tools and putting energy into different things: whether that's doing a hobby, reading all those books you’ve got looking at you on the shelf, spending time with friends or family, doing exercise, completing Netflix – that is all valid. Whatever helps you to relax, make time for yourself and lower your stress levels – do it. Try not to feel guilty if you can’t do all the things; do things that bring you joy, at a pace that suits you. 

Resting is about taking time out from doing things that feel 'productive'. Yes, it might feel like getting ahead on making notes, revising and/or job applications - but really, you run the risk of burning out if you don't take a break. 

Unsurprisingly, sleep is a really important part of resting, and creating positive and consistent sleep habits is beneficial, especially for students. Healthy habits like sleep, physical exercise and routine are important to have to shape your time as a student. 

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Reflect and look forward

After two years of living through a pandemic, take some time to reflect on everything you've achieved despite the huge changes this might have caused. Think of what you've achieved, how you've adapted and built resilience, and what you've got ahead of you. If you've been in England at some point within the last 24 months, we've lived through three lockdowns and many changes in restrictions. While you might not have the same type of 'achievements' as usual, you have completed another term of university in some of the most challenging circumstances. And, after assessment season - this is never more true. And, there are plenty of good times ahead of you this summer and beyond. 

Taking this time to reflect, rest and reset is vital to keep your energy up and maintain your motivation to see you through the coming months, whether you are leaving or continuing on at UCL. 

Learning how (and why!) to rest is a great skill to develop that will serve you in all parts and times in your life. And remember, if you are struggling, UCL is here to support you.