Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


Undergraduate Modules

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) offers modules in history of science, philosophy of science, science policy, and science communication.

STS offers over 100 modules in our full catalogue. STS Module Catalogues are published annually which list the modules we plan to offer in the upcoming academic year. We rotate our modules to make sure we offer the best possible teaching, so some modules are not run every year.

HPSC modules for first year students are considered "introductory" by UCL. They are aimed at first year students and are introductory by design. All HPSC introductory modules are open to students from other UCL departments and other UCL degrees subject to space being available on the module. 

Please note that the list of modules given here is indicative. This information is published a long time in advance of enrolment and module content and availability is subject to change.

Module Classifications

Introductory modules are intended for first year undergraduates.

Intermediate modules are intended for second year undergraduates. These are available to Year 3 students and Year 4 students after consultation with their personal tutors. Year 1 students should not attempt these modules without permission from the module tutor.

Advanced modules are intended for Year 3 students. Year 1 students cannot attempt these modules. Year 2 students can expect to find them especially challenging and should not enrol in more than one or two in their second year.

Full Module Catalogue 

Year One Modules

Year Two & Three Modules

Year One: (Introductory)

Term 1 (Autumn)

HPSC0003History of Science: Antiquity to Enlightenment
HPSC0007Investigating Sociology and Politics of Science
HPSC0009Revealing Science
HPSC0011STS Perspectives on Big Problems

Term 2 (Spring)

HPSC0004Philosophy of Science 1
HPSC0006Science Policy
HPSC0008Science Communication and Public Engagement
HPSC0010History of Modern Science

Year Two: (Intermediate)

Term 1 (Autumn)

HPSC0012Policy Issues in the Life Sciences
HPSC0014Philosophy of Science 2
HPSC0022Science and Religion
HPSC0124Science in Government
HPSC0140Research Methods in Science and Technology Studies
HPSC0105Sociology of Science and Technology

Term 2 (Spring)

HPSC0013Science in Popular Culture
HPSC0017Science and Ethics 
HPSC0036Engaging the Public with Science
HPSC0038Medicine and Society
HPSC0139History of Science 2
HPSC0160Warnings for All

Terms 1 & 2

HPSC0019Human Sciences in Society *Human Sciences only

Year Three: (Advanced)

 Term 1 (Autumn)

HPSC0042Advanced Sociology of Science
HPSC0061Governing Emerging Technologies
HPSC0065Philosophy of Information
HPSC0109Philosophy of Medicine
HPSC0110Medicine, History and Society
HPSC0161Podcasting as Science Communication
HPSC0162Social Epistemology of Science

Term 2 (Spring)

HPSC0002Disease in History
HPSC0034Special Topics in SPS
HPSC0039Science, Warfare and Peace
HPSC0044Science and the Publishing Industry
HPSC0067Science in the Ancient World
HPSC0107Science Journalism
HPSC0111Science, Art and Philosophy

Terms 1 & 2

HPSC0041STS students only
HPSC0053STS iBSc students only

Please feel free to contact module tutors to discuss details - you can find their contact details on our People page. Use the UCL Timetable for timetabling information. Contact us if you can't find the information there. We can normally answer your questions quickly and easily. (Email: sts-aa@ucl.ac.uk or phone 0207 679 1324).

Seeking Modules Offered by Other Departments?

Places on modules in other departments are subject to space and eligibility. Students must ensure that the module is open to external students and that there are no pre-requisites. Information on modules offered by other departments can be found in the UCL Module Catalogue.

HPSC Modules for Students in Other UCL Departments

Almost all our modules are available to UCL students from other departments subject to space.  Priority will be given to STS students.  Modules may be subject to change.

Students should register via Portico. The UCL common timetable provides information on times and locations.


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Dr. Charlotte Sleigh
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