Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD



This module introduces students to the uses of STS in solving big problems in the contemporary world.

STS Perspectives on Big Problems

Each year staff from across the spectrum of STS disciplines – History, Philosophy, Sociology and Politics of Science will come together to teach students how different perspectives can shed light on issues ranging from climate change to nuclear war, private healthcare to plastic pollution.

To demonstrate and explore the ways that STS provides perspective that contribute to the understanding of major problems facing humanity

Course Objectives:

  • The possession of empirical and theoretical knowledge of big problems from interdisciplinary STS perspectives, and the written communication skills to account for such knowledge
  • The skills to analyse such knowledge in order to propose persuasive cases for potential contributions to solutions to such problems
  • A deeper grasp of the varied character of STS and its interdisciplinary relevance to a wider world


CL Module Catalogue: Revealing Science (HPSC0011)