Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD



STS has a wide-ranging research portfolio of academic research across three main research clusters: 1. Science, Culture, and Democracy, 2. Philosophy of Science, and 3. History of Science.

STS has a wide range of innovative research activities with a multidisciplinary team of academics working across broad-ranging research streams encompassing how science intersects with the world around us across history, philosophy, society, culture, the media, policy, ethics, nature, technology and the environment. 

Science, Culture, and Democracy

Science, Culture, and Democracy

Investigating how the sciences interact with culture in democratic and other political contexts.

Philosophy of Science and Technology

Philosophy of Science and Technology

Where does science come from, and what has science done through history? What is the philosophy behind the science?

History of Science

History of Science

How scientific knowledge, and the practices it has entailed, shaped and was shaped by past societies.

Seminar Series

STS Seminars Series

Info on our various talks, seminars, reading groups and other research activities.

Our wider research community

We have an extensive network of honorary appointments and academic visitors from all over the world.  If you are interested in seeking an unpaid fellowship or academic affiliation with us please see our fellowship opportunities page for advice.


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STS Director of Research:
Prof Jack Stilgoe
Tel: 020 7679 2929
Email: j.stilgoe@ucl.ac.uk