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JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) holds the JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures to honour JBS Haldane, a polymath in the life sciences, science communication, and science policy.

We launched the STS JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures in 2014 in honour of UCL Professor JBS Haldane, a polymath not only in the life sciences but also in science communication and science policy. We aim to hold JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures each academic year, rotating through our different research clusters.

These talks are free to attend and open to the academic community. See the STS events calendar for upcoming talks in the series. Haldane Lectures normally are published as part of the STS Occasional Papers series.

Upcoming JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures

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Past JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures

2022 - 2023

Professor Sarah R Davies (Jan 2023),  "What societies does science communication make? Democracy, persuasion, and the productivity of public communication "

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Professor Alison Wylie (May 2022),  "Critical Genealogies: Collaborative Archaeology in Settler-colonial Contexts"

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeIEuOf23tk&list=PLqDGBZHFcMlkLzV7hdyAg0...



Professor Ruha Benjamin (June 2021). "The New Jim Code: Reimagining the Deafualt Setting of Technology & Society". 


Massimiano Bucchi: Geniuses, Heroes and Saints, 23rd January 2019 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRBe6l0f6To


Professor John Tresch (October 2018). "Barnum, Bache and Poe: Forging American Science in a Media Revolution." (details)

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWQlluL2bHo



Professor Trevor Pinch (June 2018). "Moog Synthesiser as Technological and Sound Object"


Professor Heather Douglas (January 2018). "How Can the Public Assess Expertise?"

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Professor Ludmilla Jordanova (March 2017). "Institutions, Identities and Historical Practices in Science and Medicine". Published as an STS Occasional Paper.


Professor Maja Horst (May 2016). "Reframing Science Communication - Culture, Identity and Organizations". Published as an STS Occasional Paper.

Professor Helen Longino (March 2016). "Underdetermination in Science: A Dirty Little Secret?". Published as an STS Occasional Paper.


Professor Sheila Jasanoff (March 2015). "The Constitutional Place of Science"

Professor Simon Schaffer (November 2014). "Mutability, mobility and meteorites: on some material cultures of the sciences". Published as an STS Occasional Paper.