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STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD



What might you do with a degree titled "History and Philosophy of Science" or "Sociology and Politics of Science"? In STS, we pay close attention to job markets and career trajectories. We help each step of the way.

Finding a good job after university can be tough. Building a career can be tougher still. In STS, we're keenly aware of the pressures our students feel about jobs and careers. We know the expense of university is no small thing. And we know the job market is changing rapidly. Applicants need to know our degrees are smart investments.

STS doesn’t prepare students for one specific career path. Our degree programmes provide students with a wide range of skills that can be applied across multiple careers. Our philosophy of Flexible Futures is designed to maximize career options, and it aims to expand students’ horizons, making them able to navigate and understand the world we live in, thus allowing them to find the career that suits them best.

Careers data - find out what the future might have in store


Data on the careers and further study of former STS students.

Flexible Futures - our careers philosophy

Flexible Futures

Our strategy provides both specific and general directions for after graduation.

Listen to interviews with our graduates

Talking Jobs and Careers

STS graduates talk about life after university and taking their critical first steps into jobs and careers.

Careers advice for Postgraduate Students

Student Career Support

STS provides additional support for Masters students, to find the careers you need.


Careers – what our students did next

Find out what our students have to say about studying at STS and where their degree’s took them.

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myUCLCareers is an online portal enabling current students, recent graduates and researchers, (staff and students), to engage with many of our services as detailed below.

Careers Coronavirus FAQs
Frequently asked careers questions, advice and support for UCL students and recent graduates during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

UCL Careers Guide:
Read the UCL Careers Guide to find out more about our services and events. We are here to help you find your future.