Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


Undergraduate / BSc degrees

UCL is the only university offering single honours degrees in History and Philosophy of Science BSc and Sociology and Politics of Science BSc.

UCL is the only university offering these single honours degrees. Our programmes study how scientific knowledge is created and used. They allow you to combine a passion for science with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the humanities and social sciences. You can find details of our degree courses below or visit our Undergraduate Admissions FAQ to find out how to apply.

History and philosophy of science

History and Philosophy of Science BSc

Investigates the history of science, technology and medicine from antiquity to the present and globally. The goal is to better understand science's many methods, fundamental concepts, logic, and ethics. We aim to provide our students with the ability to build a broad perspective on the origins of science and its role in our modern world.

Sociology and Politics of Science BSc

Sociology and Politics of Science BSc

Explores science in its varied and complex forms, training you to study science and scientists as part of modern society. We combine science policy, ethics, and governance, science communication, and sociology of modern science and technology. UCL is unique in the UK in offering this BSc.

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences BSc (stream options)

STS contributes to UCL's highly successful programme in Natural Sciences. These are for those wanting general training in the life, physical, or mathematical sciences. STS contributes to two streams in this programme: History and Philosophy of science, and Policy, Communication, and Ethics

Medical Sciences Integrated degrees (IBSc)

Medical Sciences Integrated degrees (IBSc)

STS offers two integrated BSc degrees, open to all UCL Medical students on MMBS degrees at UK universities. 

Syllabus Library for HPSC modules

All HPSC modules have a syllabus. This functions as an owner's manual, with course plan, schedule of activities, assessment, reading list, and other essential information. STS provides a Syllabus Library for all current modules and an archive for past offers. If you don't find what you're seeking, simply ask.


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Undergraduate Tutor (Students)
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