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HPSC0044 Science and the Publishing Industry

Science involves extraordinary amounts of publishing. How does publishing work? How does publishing shape science communication? How is science publishing a global business and a local activity?

Science and the Publishing Industry

This module investigates publishing as a process (who is involved? what are the parts of this complex business?). It also investigates the anthropology and STS of publishing (how is power distributed in the publishing industry? how do scientists control publishing? how are scientists controlled by it?). Topics discussed include: peer-review journals, popular science publishing, book publishing, textbooks, and related consumer goods. In recent years, changes in the industry have been nothing short of revolutionary: open access, print-on-demand, tablet reading, data-mining, and so much more. We examine these changes. The module includes a deliberate careers focus, with opportunities to meet professionals in the industry. Assessment focuses on practical projects associated with the creation of real publications. No prerequisites. Offered as both undergraduate (level 6) and postgraduate (level 7) options.


UCL Module Catalogue: Science and the Publishing Industry