Science and Technology Studies


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Postcolonial approaches to the history of science, Islamic medicine, scientific instruments and material culture, historical anthropology and archaeology of science; relations of science and art.

History of Science 2

This course offers an in-depth exploration of current concerns and issues in the history of science. The course introduces students to recent work in the field through an investigation of a wide range of global locations and topics, which might come from any period between antiquity and the recent past. Indicative topics may include, for example, postcolonial approaches to the history of science; Islamic medicine; scientific instruments and material culture; historical anthropology and archaeology of science; relations of science and art; science and religion; and relations of science and the environment.

Course Objectives:

The aim of the course is to offer an introduction to thinking about the global history of science in a variety of times and places, but with a focus on the early modern period (16th to 18th centuries). Students should gain a sense of different approaches, uses, and understandings of nature in different places around the world, and be able to reflect on the ways historians have come to appreciate and make sense of global histories of science in recent years.

Course Syllabus:

UCL Module Catalogue: History of Science 2 (HPSC0139)