Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD



Explores the relationship between the professional world of science and the social, cultural and personal spaces in which science contributes to the shaping of society.

Science Communication and Public Engagement

Introduces the public dimensions of science and technology. It also develops students’ critical analysis skills with respect to the communication of science in different public contexts including the news media, museums, fiction and online.

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Course Objectives:

By the end of this module students should have:
  • Knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts and scope of science communication
  • A broad understanding of the cultural, social and political issues around science in public
  • Skills in written and spoken communication  Skills in relating personal experience to the ideas, tools and values of academic research
  • Skills in the recognition, collection and analysis of research materials
  • Skills in argumentation, listening and constructive dialogue
  • Confidence in contributing in class

UCL Module Catalogue: Science Communication and Public Engagement (HPSC0008)