Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


HPSC Modules (Intermediate and Advanced) Years 2 and 3

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) offers a wide range of modules in history of science, philosophy of science, science policy, and science communication. All UCL students welcome.

HPSC Modules for Second Year and Third Year Undergraduates

In UCL’s classification of undergraduate modules:

  • introductory modules are intended for first year undergraduates.Year 3 students are not able to enrol in introductory modules. Year 2 students should not enrol in introductory modules without consultation with their personal tutors.
  • intermediate modules are intended for second year undergraduates. These are available to Year 3 students and Year 4 students after consultation with their personal tutors. Year 1 students should not attempt these modules without permission from the module tutor.
  • advanced modules are intended for Year 3 students. Year 1 students cannot attempt these modules. Year 2 students can expect to find them especially challenging and should not enrol in more than one or two in their second year.

Not all HPSC modules are offered every year. Discuss module selections with your personal tutor. Ask their advice and make use of their experience.

Syllabus Library for Second Year HPSC Modules


New Module Code



Policy Issues in the Life Sciences


Science in Popular Culture


Philosophy of Science 2


Science and Ethics


Human Sciences in Society

Not Running
 HPSC0022Science and Religion
 HPSC0028History of Life SciencesNot RunningNot Running

History of Natural Sciences

Not RunningNot Running

Science and Empire

Not RunningNot Running
 HPSC0036Engaging the Public with Science

Thinking about Technology


Medicine and Society

Not Running

Sociology of Science and Technology

 HPSC0124Science in GovernmentNot RunningNot Running
 HPSC0139History of Science 22023-24
 HPSC0140Research Methods in Science and Technology Studies
 HPSC0160Warnings for AllNot Running

Syllabus Library for Third Year HPSC Modules

 New Module Code



Madness and Society

Not RunningNot Running

Disease in History

 HPSC0023Evolution in Science and Culture
 HPSC0033Special Topics in HPSNot Running
 HPSC0034Special Topics in SPS
 HPSC0039Science, Warfare and Peace



Science and the Publishing Industry


Science Writing

Not RunningNot Running

Science in the Twentieth Century

Not RunningNot Running

Science in the Age of Newton

Not RunningNot Running

History of Astronomy and Cosmology

Not RunningNot Running

Philosophy of Natural Sciences

Not RunningNot Running

Research-led History and Philosophy of Science

Not RunningNot Running

Research-led Science and Technology Studies
(Topic varies with every offer; see)

Not RunningNot Running

Research Project


Medieval Science

Not RunningNot Running

Philosophy of Chemistry

Not RunningNot Running

Investigating Contemporary Science

Not RunningNot Running

Communicating Science in Digital Environments

Not RunningNot Running

Major Internship

Not RunningNot Running

Governing Emerging Technologies


Science, Politics, and the State in Russia and the Soviet Union

Not RunningNot Running

The Social Sciences of Inequality

Not RunningNot Running

Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Not RunningNot Running

Philosophy of Information


Science and Film Production

Not RunningNot Running

Science in the Ancient World


Sleep and Dreaming

Not RunningNot Running

Science in Nineteenth Century London

Not RunningNot Running

Eugenics in Science and Culture

Not RunningNot Running

Nature, Technology, and the Environment

Not RunningNot Running

Science Journalism

 HPSC0109Philosophy of Medicine

History of Medicine


Science, Art and Philosophy


Globalisation in Theory and Practice

Not RunningNot Running

Philosophy of Social Science

Not RunningNot Running

Philosophy of Biological Sciences

Not RunningNot Running