Responsible Innovation


Responsible Innovation

With groundbreaking developments in science, technology, engineering and medicine bringing rapid change across the planet, how do we ensure that innovation is safe, fair and responsible?
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What is Responsible Innovation?

Responsible innovation is a way of organising research and innovation so it is as ethical and aligned with positive societal impact as it possibly can be. It emerged over the past few decades following increasing concerns about the impact of scientific research, both good and bad. It aims to recognise that although science can have wonderful and amazing impacts across fields such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, industry, it also has the capacity to do a huge amount of harm. We might think of climate change, anti-microbial resistance, plastic pollution and the mass species extinctions we are also seeing.

So it's not about saying science is either perfectly good or perfectly bad, it's about reflecting realistically on the huge power and impact that science can have. It's about asking the question 'What is the most excellent kind of science that we can do that will have the greatest positive impact on the world?' - Learn more


How can I learn to innovate responsibly?

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Our fully online, CPD Certified, short courses provide an introduction to the AREA Framework for approaching innovation responsibly and use real-world historical and philosophical case studies to teach you how to think about your work reflectively. You will learn how to recognise the need for socially responsible solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society (e.g. climate change), and join a growing community of scientists and engineers who are skilled in responsible innovation.


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