Information Services Division


Creating and editing multimedia content

Courses provided by ISD Digital Skills Development to support the creation of audio and video content and graphical content.

We have a number of sessions available to show you how to create and edit video content, podcast content and to have a go at stop motion animation.  These are aimed at beginners and will take you through the basic techniques using widely available software.  We also have sessions on creating infographics and editing images.


DSD: Introduction to Stop Motion Animation

DSD: Basic video editing using iMovie on a Mac

DSD: Podcasting made easy - workshop

DSD: Record a narration over your PowerPoint on a PC

DSD: Planning a short film

DSD: Filming advice for a short film

DSD: Make a short film using your iPhone

DSD: Best practice for video captions and transcripts

DSD: Explore the potential of UCL Media Central


New! DSD: Designing an impactful research poster using UCL templates

New! DSD: An introduction to free graphic design tools

DSD: Creating Infographics using free web-based tools

DSD: Basic image editing using free tools

DSD: Photo editing with Pixlr X - Workshop

Further guidance

For more information about our course programme, how to book and how to prepare for your course, please visit our Course information page.

Additional resources

LinkedIn Learning has a wide range of courses on creating video and audio content, many of which are delivered by professionals in the field.