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UCL Apprenticeship Scheme

Our apprenticeship scheme offers work-based learning and development opportunities which are designed around the needs of the university and the scheme is available to people of all ages.

Why are apprenticeships important to us at UCL?

Our vision is to attract, develop and retain talented staff and improve the diversity and performance of our workforce.

Our objectives are to:

  • engage and recruit new talent
  • develop and upskill existing staff.

The UCL Apprenticeship Programmes will help achieve this by widening our talent pool; offering a new junior level recruitment stream, supporting the professional development of our existing staff and building leadership and management capabilities in UCL.

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Early-career apprenticeships

The UCL's early-career apprenticeship programme provides an invaluable opportunity to learn while you work. Our hands-on programme gives you a head start in your chosen field.


Mid-career apprenticeships

Our mid-career apprenticeships are designed to support the professional development of our staff at all levels of the organisation.

info for managers

Information for managers

Hiring an apprentice is a productive way to add, develop and mentor budding talent. We offer a comprehensive guide on what to expect from the apprenticeship scheme.