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Data and Insight Professional Development

Professional Development programmes for UCL staff that wish to develop their Data and Insight capabilities.

About the programme

Data and Insight Professional development pilot programmes for staff were launched in February 2023. We have now appointed Cambridge Spark as our training provider to deliver the full range of data and insight programmes. 

These apprenticeships form part of our efforts both to improve general data literacy, but also the professional development and satisfaction of UCL's data professionals, in line with UCL's new data strategy.

What is it?

We offer the following programmes to eligible UCL staff:

  • Data Citizen – Level 3
  • Data Analyst – Level 4
  • Business Analyst – Level 4
  • Data Engineer – Level 4
  • AI and Data Science – Level 7

These Professional Development Programmes are funded through the UCL Apprenticeship Levy, and provide structured training, allowing you to enhance your career prospects through the development of valuable skills and earn a nationally recognised qualification. Visit our website for more general information about opportunities for existing staff (mid-career)

Who is it for?

The programmes are designed for those who work in a data- specific role or anyone who may wish to move into such a role. It is for staff who wish to develop their skills in manipulating and visualisation of data and to develop their knowledge of key technologies. Some programmes are also designed for managers and leaders who wish to discover new solutions that use data to improve and automate business processes.

These opportunities will be open to staff who have successfully completed their probationary period and are on a permanent contract. It is essential that line-manager approval and commitment is confirmed as part of the application process, as approximately 20% of time will be spent in ‘off the job’ training.

Some programmes have specific essential eligibility criteria and requirements and those with previous related qualifications will need to check eligibility before making an application.

How do I apply?

Pilot programmes launched in February 2023. We will review these programmes and their impact before deciding if we will offer these programmes to further cohorts. It is our intention to run programmes annually or biannually, however we cannot make a final decision until the pilot and its impact has been assessed fully.

Further information about the programmes can be found in the Data and Insight Professional Development Programme Guide.docx (login required). 

Applications for staff will reopen in 2024.