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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at UCL Engineering

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) mean a great deal to us at UCL Engineering. We believe that creating a safe, welcoming, and accessible space allows everyone to flourish and fulfil their true potential.

At UCL Engineering, we're making a firm commitment to continuous learning, development and growth, and to creating fair opportunities for all of our students and staff. When we work together, share ideas, skills, and experiences, and address inequalities whenever and wherever they manifest, it will undoubtedly benefit us all.

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Find out more: UCL Engineering EDI strategy 2020-2030
This Strategic Plan was created around core values that I hope we will always be able to recognise. It is a strategy that will hopefully stand the test of time. The (necessary) high-level objectives to co-create cultural change are underpinned by actions that can be adjusted or changed. This is not my work. It is yours. This is the result of conversations and feedback from many colleagues and students within the Faculty, UCL and beyond. All I did was to listen, and I hope I gave them a voice in a way that does them justice." Professor Vanessa Diaz Vice Dean EDI, Faculty of Engineering Sciences.