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Equality Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I)

Details of the UCL Biochemical Engineering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team, projects and opportunities

What we say:

"At UCL, inclusion and equity of opportunity is at the core of Organisational Development's approach to any intervention, working closely with UCL’s Office of Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) and equality networks. We are committed to supporting students, staff members, teams and communities to thrive and progress, through building capability in leadership and through enabling and challenging allies to commit to action."

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EDI Committee

Membership of the UCL Biochemical Engineering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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EDI Projects

Current Equality, Diversity and Inclusion projects taking place at UCL Biochemical Engineering

Department of Biochemical Engineering EDI Policy Statement

The Biochemical Engineering EDI approach aims to acknowledge, understand and address structural inequities and imbalances that affect all staff and students in the department. The policy outlined in this document stems from consultations with staff and students as well as alignment with the EDI goals of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and UCL as an institution. The main pillars of EDI - transparency, accountability, responsibility and empowerment – are embedded into the overall departmental initiatives for students and staff. The main objectives of the strategy look to: 

  • Delivering an equitable and inclusive educational environment
  • Empowering everyone to advance equity and inclusion
  • Taking bold positive action to level-up opportunities
  • Creating a greater culture of accountability

Our department has and will continue to commit to having appropriate structures in place to empower the expression of staff and students alike. As of 2021 we set up the first departmental EDI committee, consisting of representatives from various student cohorts and staff on research, professional services, teaching and academic routes. The committee also oversees and reports on areas of strategic importance such as AthenaSwan and feeds into management of our Centre for Doctoral Training.  

Professor Gary J. Lye
Head of Department 
1st September 2022