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BEAMS VP Research and Doctoral Training

Role Name Email
BEAMS Director of Research Coordination & Planning Matt Davismatthew.davis@ucl.ac.uk
Research Facilitator Valeria Vercesiv.vercesi@ucl.ac.uk
Senior School Research Facilitator Jennifer Hazeltonj.hazelton@ucl.ac.uk
Research Facilitator (e-research) Louise Chisholml.chisholm@ucl.ac.uk
Research Facilitator (Platforms and Industry) Eugenio Zapata-Solvase.zapata-solvas@ucl.ac.uk
Research Facilitator (Environment) Rebecca Burnsb.burns@ucl.ac.uk
Senior School Research Facilitator (on maternity until may 22) Laura Fennerl.fenner@ucl.ac.uk
BEAMS Doctoral Training Manager  Helen Joneshelen.jones@ucl.ac.uk

BEAMS Research Contracts Team | Office of the Chief Operating Officer



Head of Research Contracts (BEAMS)  Rashank Sangrar.sangra@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Contracts & Faculty Relationship Manager (BEAMS: ENG and Built Env.)  Yanni Baveasy.baveas@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Contracts & Faculty Relationship Manager (BEAMS: ENG  & MAPS) Sarah Clarkes.clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Contracts Manager assigned to your department: (BEAMS)
Research Contracts HelpDesk   BEAMSresearchcontracts@ucl.ac.uk

Centre for Engineering Education

Role NameEmail
Centre Coordinator, Centre for Engineering Education   
CEE Research Associate  Ines Direitoi.direito@ucl.ac.uk
CEE Research Associate David Lowedavid.lowe@ucl.ac.uk
CEE Research Associate Shannon Chances.chance@ucl.ac.uk
Research Associate Sophia Economidess.economides@ucl.ac.uk
Research Associate Al-Moataz Hassanal-moataz.hassan@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Graduate Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Nicolas Szitan.szita@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering (MSc) Eric Fragae.fraga@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering (PhD) Michail Stamatakism.stamatakis@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhattim.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science (MSc) Chris Clackc.clack@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science (PhD) Anthony Hunteranthony.hunter@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (MSc) Miguel Riomiguel.rio@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (PhD) Cyril Renaudc.renaud@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (MSc) Dean Barrattd.barratt@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (PhD) Adrien Desjardinsa.desjardins@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering William Suenk.suen@ucl.ac.uk
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy Yacob Mulugettayacob.mulugetta@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science Paul Gillpaul.gill@ucl.ac.uk
UCL School of Management (MSc) Alan Parkinsona.t.parkinson@ucl.ac.uk
UCL School of Management (PhD) Davide Ravasi d.ravasi@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Managers

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Kate Symk.sym@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Katy Le Lionk.lion@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Kati Masseyk.massey@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Karin Aldersonk.alderson@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Paul McKennap.mckenna@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Claire Bamfordc.bamford@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Hab Salikj.salik@ucl.ac.uk
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy Bethan Cunninghambethan.cunningham@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science  Amy Clemensa.clemens@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Jackie Lovelandjackie.loveland@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Andrea Rayat andrea.rayat@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Matteo Salvalagliom.salvalaglio@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering (Undergraduate Tutor) Eugeny Buldakove.buldakov@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Liz Jones liz.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Lewis Griffinl.griffin@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Hidekazu Kurebayashi h.kurebayashi@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Eral Belemecheng.departmental-tutor@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Rama Balachandranmecheng.departmental-tutor@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Eng) Dean Barrattd.barratt@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Medical Physics Tutor) Ben Coxb.cox@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science Amy Thorntonamy.thornton.10@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Michelle Tinsleym.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk

Digital Innovation Unit

Role NameEmail
Head of Strategy & Operations, Digital Innovation Unit Chris Neilc.neil@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Communications Jon Wheatleyjon.wheatley@ucl.ac.uk
Communications & Student Engagement Manager   Garance Mourgaudg.mourgaud@ucl.ac.uk
Marketing and Customer Relations Manager Nadine Afflickn.afflick@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Communications Officer (Digital) Emma Whitneye.whitney@ucl.ac.uk
Videographer James Allenjames.allen@ucl.ac.uk

Enterprise Team

Role NameEmail
Programme Director, Strategic Alliances & Corporate Relationships  tbc 
Corporate and IP Contracts Manager Miki Nattanm.nattan@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty Education Team

Director of Education and Faculty Tutor  Simon Bankss.t.banks@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Education and Student Experience Kate Belshawk.belshaw@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Education Officer Vicki Kimminsv.kimmins@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Education Administrator (on maternity) Sital Patelsital-patel@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Faculty Teaching and Learning Administrator Telle Maukonent.maukonen@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Education Administrator Roslyn Fanningr.fanning@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty Management Team

Role Name Email
Executive Dean Nigel Titchener-Hookernigelth@ucl.ac.uk
Director of Operations Sara Collinssara.collins@ucl.ac.uk
Director of Education and Faculty Tutor  Simon Bankss.t.banks@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Education) John Mitchellj.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean Elect (Education) liz jonesliz.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Vanessa Diazv.diaz@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Enterprise) Jane Butler jane.butler@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Health) Rebecca Shipleyrebecca.shipley@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Impact) Clare Elwellc.elwell@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Infrastructure) Stavroula Balabanis.balabani@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Interdisciplinarity Innovation) Marc-Olivier Coppensm.coppens@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Interdisciplinarity Entrepreneurship) Ruth Morganruth.morgan@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (International) Eli Keshavarz-Mooree.keshavarz-moore@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Public Policy) Neil Morisettin.morisetti@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Research) Tony Kenyona.kenyon@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Research) Richard Bucknallr.bucknall@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean Elect (Strategic Projects) Paola Lettierip.lettieri@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty Office Staff

Role Name Email
Project Manager UCL East Anoko Campbellanoko.campbell@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Deputy Director of Operations  Emma Josephemma.joseph@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Operations Manager Jim Mckenziejim.mckenzie@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Operations Assistant Diane Davisdiane.davis@ucl.ac.uk
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Director of Operations  Maria Pethick-Speightm.pethick-speight@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Education Engagement Elpida Makrygiannie.makrygianni@ucl.ac.uk
UCL International Development Hub Manager Mala Mohindrum.mohindru@ucl.ac.uk
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Coordinator and EA to Marc-Olivier Coppens  Johanna Novalesj.novales@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Finance Administrator  Peter Petroupeter.petrou@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Impact Coordinator Miriam Nwezemiriam.nweze@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to Vanessa Diaz, Chris Neil & Stavroula Balabani Kevin Woodwardkevin.woodward@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to John Mitchell/Liz Jones, Simon Banks & Emanuela Tilley  Lorna Dreckettl.dreckett@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to Rebecca Shipley, Clare Elwell & Tony Kenyon/Richard Bucknall Natalie Webbn.webb@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to Jane Butler, Ruth Morgan & Matt Davis  Victoria Grey-Edwardsv.grey-edwards@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technology Special Projects Lead Matt Smithm.s.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technologist Lead (on maternity leave) Anna Trostnikovaa.trostnikova@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technologist Lead (Interim) Janina Dewitzj.dewitz@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technologist Charnell Wattleyc.wattley@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Senior Staffing Officer Caralyn Banhamc.banham@ucl.ac.uk
Staffing Assistant Georgina Kelly@ucl.ac.uk
Staffing Assistant Dolores Taylor-Keaned.taylor-keane@ucl.ac.uk
Staffing Officer Alisha MohamedAlisha Mohamed
Head of Faculty Estate and Infrastructure Scott Landersscott.landers@ucl.ac.uk
Head of HR (BEAMS) Claire Rowlinsonc.rowlinson@ucl.ac.uk
HR Business Partner (Engineering) Leonie Malvol.malvo@ucl.ac.uk
Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion (BEAMS) Widening Participation Strategy Manager Manjula Patrickm.patrick@ucl.ac.uk
School Director of Finance, Academic (BEAMS) Elizabeth Franciselizabeth.francis@ucl.ac.uk

Heads of Departments

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Gary Lyeg.lye@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Eva Sorensene.sorensen@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Jose L. Toreroj.torero@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Steve Hailess.hailes@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Sarah Spurgeons.spurgeon@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Yiannis Ventikosy.ventikos@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Andy Nisbetandrew.nisbet@ucl.ac.uk
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy Joanna Chatawayjoanna.chataway@ucl.ac.uk
Security & Crime Science Kate Bowerskate.bowers@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Bert De Reyckbdereyck@ucl.ac.uk

Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP) - Team

Role Name Email
Professor and Director, Integrated Engineering Programme  Emanuela Tilleye.tilley@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Senior Teaching and Learning Administrator  Lasharne Andersonlasharne.anderson@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Teaching and Learning Administrator  Riyad Joomunr.joomun@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Associate Professor (Education) Kate Roachkatherine.roach@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Associate Professor (Education) Abel Nyamapfenea.nyamapfene@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Lecturer (Education) Fiona Truscottf.truscott@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Lecturer (Education) Matheus De Andradem.deandrade@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Assistant Lecturer (Education) Iva Burovaiva.burova@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Lecturer (Education) (based in Dept. of Biochemical Engineering) Chika Nwekec.nweke@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE)

Role NameEmail
IHE Research Manager  Marilyn Avilesmarilyn.aviles@ucl.ac.uk
IHE Communications Georgie Cadeg.cade@ucl.ac.uk
IHE Marketing Alice Hardya.hardy@ucl.ac.uk
IHE Project Manager UCL Ventura Judit Germuskaj.germuska@ucl.ac.uk

Careers Team

Role Name Email
Faculty Careers Team Leader Hannah Posner h.posner@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Careers Internships and Vacancies Officer   careers.engineering@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Employer Engagement & Events Officer (on secondment) Dimitrios Zachosd.zachos@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Careers Consultant Alice Moona.moon@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Employer Engagement & Events Officer tbc 
Faculty Careers Consultant Lee Pikel.pike@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Careers Consultant Amy Lourencoamy.lourenco@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Student Engagement Officer Lucy Ayliffel.ayliffe@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Panagiota Angelip.angeli@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhattim.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Neil Cursonn.curson@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Jem Hebdenj.hebden@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Careers Team Leader  tbctbc@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management 

Mark De Freitas

School of Management Hatty Whitworth h.whitworth@ucl.ac.uk

Undergraduate Admissions Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Brenda Parkerbrenda.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Federico Galvaninf.galvanin@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhattim.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Ingemar Coxi.cox@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Edward Romanse.romans@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Adam Wojcika.wojcik@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomed Eng) Bradley Treebyb.treeby@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Med Phys) Peter Munrop.munro@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science Krisztian Poschk.posch@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Sarah Warness.warnes@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Stephen Toddstephen.todd@ucl.ac.uk

Year Abroad Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Stefanie Frank stefanie.frank@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Ryan Wangryan.wang@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering James Haworthj.haworth@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Beatrice Baudetb.baudet@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Earl Barre.barr@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Chris Clackc.clack@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic and Electrical Engineering George Pavlougeorge.pavlou@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Jie Huangjie.huang@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Will Newton w.newton@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering  Adrien Desjardinsa.desjardins@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Michael Manlangitm.manlangit@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Richard Pettingerr.pettinger@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Student Support Contacts

Department Link 
Biochemical Engineering Biochemical Engineering student support contacts
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering student support contacts 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering student support contacts 
Computer Science Computer Science student support contacts
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Electronic and Electrical Engineering student support contacts 
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering student support contacts 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering  Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering student support contacts 
School of Management School of Management student support contacts 
Security and Crime Science Security and Crime Science student support contacts 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy STEaPP student support contacts