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Questions about a programme, issues around enrolment, a tricky problem in need of solving or a class of young people seeking inspiration? Check the contacts list to see who might help.


BEAMS Research Facilitation & Coordination (RIGE)

Role Name  Email 
Director of Research Facilitation & Coordination, Beams Matt Davis matthew.davis@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Research Facilitator  Jon Williams jon.williams@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Research Facilitator  Laura Fenner l.fenner@ucl.ac.uk 
Research Facilitator   Debi Kenny d.kenny@ucl.ac.uk 
Research Facilitator on secondment from march 2024  Eugenio Zapata-Solvas e.zapata-solvas@ucl.ac.uk 
Research Facilitator Sobia Ashraf sobia.ashraf@ucl.ac.uk 
Strategic Co-Ordinator (Environment) Becca Burns b.burns@ucl.ac.uk 
Strategic Co-Ordinator (Microbiology and Space)  Anna Parkin a.parkin@ucl.ac.uk 
UCL Turing Univeristy Liaison Manager Jessica Livermore j.livermore@ucl.ac.uk 
     BEAMS Research Coordination Office 

BEAMS Research Contracts Team | Office of the Chief Operating Officer



Role Name  Email 

Assistant Director, Contract Services (BEAMS)

 Rashank Sangra r.sangra@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Contracts & Faculty Relationship Manager (BEAMS: ENG and Built Env.)  Yanni Baveas y.baveas@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Contracts & Faculty Relationship Manager (BEAMS: ENG  & MAPS) Sarah Clarke s.clarke@ucl.ac.uk 
Contracts Manager assigned to your department: (BEAMS)
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Research Contracts HelpDes    BEAMSresearchcontracts@ucl.ac.uk 
Contracts Manager (BEAMS)  Miki Nattan m.nattan@ucl.ac.uk 

Careers Team

Role Name  Email 
Faculty Careers Team Leader  Hannah Posner  h.posner@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Careers Internships and Vacancies Officer  n/a careers.engineering@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Employer Careers Officer  Carla King carla.king@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Careers Consultant Sharon King sharon.king@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Employer Engagement & Events Officer Katja Gee k.gee@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Careers Consultant Lee Pike l.pike@ucl.ac.uk 
Biochemical Engineering Mike Sulu  m.sulu@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering Rhodri Jervis rhodri.jervis@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhatti m.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Neil Curson n.curson@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Jem Hebden j.hebden@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Careers Team Leader Jing Huang huang.jing@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Mark De Freitas m.defreitas@ucl.ac.uk 

Centre for Engineering Education

Role Name Email 
Centre for Engineering Education Co-Director John Mitchell j.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk 
Centre for Engineering Education Co-Director David Guile d.guile@ucl.ac.uk 
Centre Manager, Centre for Engineering Education Helen Bhandari  h.bhandari@ucl.ac.uk 
Lecturer (Teaching) Vivek Ramachandran v.ramachandran@ucl.ac.uk 
Lecturer (Teaching)     
Head of Education Engagement Elpida Makrygianni e.makrygianni@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Teaching & Learning Administrator (Foundation Year) Francessca Bowen-Watts f.bowen-watts@ucl.ac.uk 
Associate Professor (Teaching) UCL East Engingeering Foundation year Co-Lead Sophia Economides s.economides@ucl.ac.uk 
Engineering Foundation Year Lecturer Natalie Wint nat.wint@ucl.ac.uk 
Engineering Foundation Year Lecturer (on maternity from jan 2024) Jumoke Oladejo j.oladejo@ucl.ac.uk 
Engineering Foundation Year Lecturer (maternity cover from jan 2024) Eleni Katirtzoglou e.katirtzoglou@ucl.ac.uk 
Teaching and Learning Administrator (Foundation Year) Costantinos Constantinou  constantinos.constantinou@ucl.ac.uk 
Outreach and Marketing Manager, CEE (UCL East) Kate Wilson k.wilson@ucl.ac.uk 
CEE Research Fellow Stephen Hunt stephen.hunt@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Research Fellow Diana Martin diana.martin@ucl.ac.uk 
CEE Honarary Research Associate  Ines Direito i.direito@ucl.ac.uk 
CEE Honarary Professor Shannon Chance s.chance@ucl.ac.uk 
CEE Honarary Research Fellow Stella Fowler stella.fowler@ucl.ac.uk 
CEE Honarary Research Fellow Lillian Luk l.luk@ucl.ac.uk 

Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP)





Role Name  Email 
Professor and Director, Integrated Engineering Programme  Emanuela Tilley e.tilley@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Senior Teaching and Learning Administrator  Lasharne Anderson lasharne.anderson@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Teaching and Learning Administrator  Riyad Joomun r.joomun@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Teaching and Learning Administrator  Molly Lavender-Rose m.lavender-rose@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Associate Professor (Education) Kate Roach katherine.roach@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Associate Professor (Education) Abel Nyamapfene a.nyamapfene@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Associate Professor  Fiona Truscott f.truscott@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Lecturer (Education) Matheus De Andrade m.deandrade@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Lecturer (Education) Iva Burova iva.burova@ucl.ac.uk 
IEP Lecturer (Education) (based in Dept.of Biochemical Engineering) Chika Nweke c.nweke@ucl.ac.uk 

Learning Technology Unit

Role Name Email 
Faculty Learning Technologist Lead  Anna Trostnikova a.trostnikova@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Learning Technology Special Projects Lead Matt Smith m.s.smith@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Learning Technologist  Kathleen Alston-Cole k.alston-cole@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Learning Technologist Ahmed Atteyeh a.atteyeh@ucl.ac.uk 

Departmental Graduate Tutors

Department PHD Tutors Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Daniel Bracewell d.bracewell@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering (PhD) Thomas Miller t.miller@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering (DGT) Manni Bhatti m.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering (PGT) Pastoral Tutor Pedro Ferreira p.ferreira@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science (PhD) Anthony Hunter anthony.hunter@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (PhD) Cyril Renaud c.renaud@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (PhD) Rob Moss robert.moss@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering Paul Hellier p.hellier@ucl.ac.uk 
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy Yacob Mulugetta yacob.mulugetta@ucl.ac.uk 
Security and Crime Science Noemie Bouuhana noemie.bouhana@ucl.ac.uk 
UCL School of Management (PhD)  Jean-Philippe Vergne j.vergne@ucl.ac.uk 
Department PGT/MSc Tutors Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Chika Nweke c.nweke@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering (MSc) Eric Fraga e.fraga@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering  Pedro Ferriera p.ferreira@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science (MSc) Chris Clack c.clack@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (MSc) Miguel Rio miguel.rio@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (MSc) Billy Dennis w.dennis@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering Ema Muk-Pavic e.muk-pavic@ucl.ac.uk 
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy     
Security and Crime Science Lu Lemanski l.lemanski@ucl.ac.uk 
UCL School of Management (MSc) Michelle Tinsley m.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk 

Departmental Managers

Department  Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Elizabeth Powell elizabeth.powell@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering Katy Le Lion k.lion@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Kati Massey k.massey@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science Karin Alderson k.alderson@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Andy O'Reilly  andy.o'reilly@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering (on secondment until 2024) Claire Bamford c.bamford@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering  Anoko Campbell anoko.campbell@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Hab Salik j.salik@ucl.ac.uk 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy  Bethan Cunningham bethan.cunningham@ucl.ac.uk 
Security and Crime Science  Amy Clemens a.clemens@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Jackie Loveland jackie.loveland@ucl.ac.uk 

Departmental Tutors

Department Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Martina Micheletti m.micheletti@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering Isobel Mackay i.mackay@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Pastoral Undergraduate Tutor Tristan Robinson tristan.robinson@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Director of Studies Liz Jones  liz.jones@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science Lewis Griffin l.griffin@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Hidekazu Kurebayashi  h.kurebayashi@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering Eral Bele mecheng.departmental-tutor@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering Rama Balachandran mecheng.departmental-tutor@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Eng) Dean Barratt d.barratt@ucl.ac.uk  
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Medical Physics Tutor) Ben Cox b.cox@ucl.ac.uk 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy Arthur Petersen arthur.petersen@ucl.ac.uk 
Security and Crime Science Amy Thornton amy.thornton.10@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Michelle Tinsley m.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk 

Digital Innovation Unit

Role Name Email 
Head of Strategy & Operations Chris Neil c.neil@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Communications Jon Wheatley jon.wheatley@ucl.ac.uk 
Communications & Student Engagement Manager   Garance Mourgaud g.mourgaud@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Student Recruitment Marketing Manager  Lucy Thompson lucy.thompson@ucl.ac.uk 
Student Recruitment Marketing Officer Kamila Sergeant k.sergeant@ucl.ac.uk 
Events Officer Emily O'Farrell e.cooper@ucl.ac.uk 
Digital Communications Manager Rosie Curtis rosie.curtis@ucl.ac.uk 
Videographer James Allen james.allen@ucl.ac.uk 
Communications Officer Jacob Hatcher  jake.hatcher@ucl.ac.uk 

Policy Impact Unit (PIU) (based in STEaPP)

Head of Policy Impact Unit  Joe Matthews joe.matthews@ucl.ac.uk 

Enterprise Team

Role Name Email 
Centre Administrator until end march 24 Suha Jaber s.jaber@ucl.ac.uk 
Centre Administrator IDEALondon   Zak Miah   
Visit the UCL Engineering Innovation and Enterprise pages     

Faculty Education Team

Role Name Email 
Director of Education and Student Experience (DESE) Alice Smalley a.smalley@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Graduate Tutor (Research Students (FGT) Adam Gibson adam.gibson@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Education and Student Experience Michael Wozniak m.wozniak@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Student Casework  Leonie James leonie.james@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Student Casework Officer Beth Campbell b.campbell@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Education Officer Vicki Kimmins v.kimmins@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Education Administrator Roslyn Fanning r.fanning@ucl.ac.uk 

Faculty Management Team

Role Name  Email 
Executive Dean Nigel Titchener-Hooker nigelth@ucl.ac.uk 
Director of Operations Sara Collins sara.collins@ucl.ac.uk 
Director of Education and Student Experience (DESE) Alice Smalley a.smalley@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Education) Liz Jones liz.jones@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)  Ifat Yasin i.yasin@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Enterprise)   Rob Thompson robert.j.thompson@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Health) Rebecca Shipley rebecca.shipley@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Impact) Clare Elwell c.elwell@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Interdisciplinarity Innovation) Marc-Olivier Coppens m.coppens@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Interdisciplinarity Entrepreneurship) Ruth Morgan ruth.morgan@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (International) Tiziana Rossetto  t.rossetto@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Public Policy) Neil Morisetti n.morisetti@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice-Dean (Research) Peter Munro p.munro@ucl.ac.uk 
Vice Dean (Strategy) Tony Kenyon  a.kenyon@ucl.ac.uk 

Faculty Office Staff

Role Name  Email 
Faculty Deputy Director of Operations  Emma Joseph emma.joseph@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Operations Manager Jim Mckenzie jim.mckenzie@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Operations Administrator Diane Davis diane.davis@ucl.ac.uk 
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Director of Operations  Maria Pethick-Speight m.pethick-speight@ucl.ac.uk 
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator and EA to Marc-Olivier Coppens  Johanna Novales j.novales@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Impact Coordinator Miriam Nweze miriam.nweze@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty PA to John Mitchell, Emanuela Tilley, Chris Neil & Clare Elwell Saffron Thompson saffron.thompson@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty PA to Liz Jones &  Alice Smalley on secondment until end of 2024 Lorna Dreckett l.dreckett@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty PA to Liz Jones & Alice Smalley Paige Phills paige.phills@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty PA to Rebecca Shipley, Peter Munro, Ifat Yasin & Tiziana Rossetto Kevin Woodward kevin.woodward@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty PA to Tony Kenyon, Ruth Morgan & Matt Davis  Victoria Grey-Edwards v.grey-edwards@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Senior Staffing Officer Caralyn Banham c.banham@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Staffing Officer Safiina Nakyanzi s.nakyanzi@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Staffing Officer Ludi Oluwemimo l.oluwemimo@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Finance Officer Peter Petrou peter.petrou@ucl.ac.uk 
Senior Staffing Officer (on secondment across faculty dept's) Gabriel Merryfield g.merryfield@ucl.ac.uk 
Staffing Assistant Dolores Taylor-Keane d.taylor-keane@ucl.ac.uk 
Staffing Officer on secondment until 2025 Alisha Mohamed Alisha Mohamed 
Head of Faculty Estate and Infrastructure Scott Landers scott.landers@ucl.ac.uk 
Health and Safety Advisor Emma Price emma.price@ucl.ac.uk 
Here East Health and Safety Manager Harmit Soora h.soora@ucl.ac.uk 
Centre for Digital Innovation Director Graca Carvalho graca.carvalho@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of HR (BEAMS) Claire Rowlinson c.rowlinson@ucl.ac.uk 
HR Business Partner (Engineering)  Kay Toms k.toms@ucl.ac.uk 
School Director of Finance, Academic (BEAMS) Elizabeth Francis  elizabeth.francis@ucl.ac.uk 

Heads of Departments

Department Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Suzanne Farid s.farid@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering Eva Sorensen e.sorensen@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Jose L. Torero j.torero@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science Steve Hailes s.hailes@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Sarah Spurgeon s.spurgeon@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering  Richard Bucknall r.bucknall@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Andy Nisbet andrew.nisbet@ucl.ac.uk 
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy Neil Morisetti n.morisetti@ucl.ac.uk 
Security & Crime Science Kate Bowers kate.bowers@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Davide Ravasi  d.ravasi@ucl.ac.uk 

Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE)

Role Name Email 
IHE Research & Development Manager  Eric de Silva eric.desilva@ucl.ac.uk 
IHE Communications and Impact Manager  Alice Hardy a.hardy@ucl.ac.uk 
IHE Marketing and Community Manager Ferdouse Akhter f.akhter@ucl.ac.uk 

Institute of Making (IoM)

Role Name Email 
Director Zoe Laughlin z.laughlin@ucl.ac.uk 
Director Mark Miodownik m.miodownik@ucl.ac.uk 
Director Martin Conreen m.conreen@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Workshops Romain Meunier r.meunier@ucl.ac.uk 
Workshop Manager Emily Furnell e.furnell@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Events and Communications Sara Brouwer sara.brouwer@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Materials Library Sarah Wilkes s.wilkes@ucl.ac.uk 
Head of Research and Development Danielle Purkiss danielle.purkiss@ucl.ac.uk 
Events Manager Liza Mackenzie   
Communications Manager Rebecca Liversidge    
Technician Darren Ellis darren.ellis@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Ella West ella.west@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Joseph Gabriel j.gabriel@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Ellie Doney e.doney@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Saadiqah Rahman saadiqah.rahman@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Stephen Ward ucqnswa@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Rachael Barker rachael.barker@ucl.ac.uk 
Technician Lucy Flanders lucy.flanders@ucl.ac.uk 

Undergraduate Admissions Tutors

Department Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Jack Jeffries jack.jeffries.12@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering Federico Galvanin f.galvanin@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhatti m.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science Ingemar Cox i.cox@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Edward Romans e.romans@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering Adam Wojcik a.wojcik@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomed Eng) Bradley Treeby b.treeby@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Med Phys) Peter Munro p.munro@ucl.ac.uk 
Security and Crime Science Krisztian Posch k.posch@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Sarah Warnes s.warnes@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Stephen Todd stephen.todd@ucl.ac.uk 

Year Abroad Tutors

Department Name  Email 
Biochemical Engineering Duygu Dikicioglu  d.dikicioglu@ucl.ac.uk 
Chemical Engineering Dina Kamal Fathalla d.kamel@ucl.ac.uk 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Beatrice Baudet b.baudet@ucl.ac.uk 
Computer Science Shi Zhou s.zhou@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic and Electrical Engineering George Pavlou george.pavlou@ucl.ac.uk 
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Antonio Lombardo a.lombardo@ucl.ac.uk 
Mechanical Engineering Jie Huang jie.huang@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering  Terence Leung  t.leung@ucl.ac.uk 
School of Management Michael Manlangit m.manlangit@ucl.ac.uk