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BEAMS VP Research and Doctoral Training

Role Name Email
BEAMS Director of Research Coordination & Planning Matt Davismatthew.davis@ucl.ac.uk
Research Facilitator Valeria Vercesiv.vercesi@ucl.ac.uk
Senior School Research Facilitator (on secondment until April 2021) Jennifer Hazeltonj.hazelton@ucl.ac.uk
Strategic Research Coordinator Louise Chisholml.chisholm@ucl.ac.uk
Strategic Research Facilitator (Platforms and Industry) Eugenio Zapata-Solvase.zapata-solvas@ucl.ac.uk
Strategic Research Facilitator (Environment) Rebecca Burnsb.burns@ucl.ac.uk
Senior School Research Facilitator Laura Fennerl.fenner@ucl.ac.uk
Research Coordinator (Support for Heritage Network & Space Domain) Charlene Murphycharlene.murphy@ucl.ac.uk
BEAMS Doctoral Training Manager  Helen Joneshelen.jones@ucl.ac.uk

BEAMS Research Contracts Team | Office of the Chief Operating Officer



Head of Research Contracts (BEAMS)  Rashank Sangrar.sangra@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Contracts & Faculty Relationship Manager (BEAMS: ENG and Built Env.)  Yanni Baveasy.baveas@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Contracts & Faculty Relationship Manager (BEAMS: ENG  & MAPS) Sarah Clarkes.clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Contracts Manager assigned to your department: (BEAMS)
Research Contracts HelpDesk   BEAMSresearchcontracts@ucl.ac.uk

Centre for Engineering Education

Role NameEmail
Centre Coordinator, Centre for Engineering Education Paula Broomep.broome@ucl.ac.uk
CEE Research Associate  Ines Direitoi.direito@ucl.ac.uk
CEE Research Associate David Lowedavid.lowe@ucl.ac.uk
CEE Research Associate Shannon Chances.chance@ucl.ac.uk
Research Associate Sophia Economidess.economides@ucl.ac.uk
Research Associate Al-Moataz Hassanal-moataz.hassan@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Graduate Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Nicolas Szitan.szita@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering (MSc) Eric Fragae.fraga@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering (PhD) Michail Stamatakism.stamatakis@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhattim.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science (MSc) Chris Clackc.clack@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science (PhD) Anthony Hunteranthony.hunter@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (MSc) Miguel Riomiguel.rio@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (PhD) Cyril Renaudc.renaud@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (MSc) Dean Barrattd.barratt@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (PhD) Adrien Desjardinsa.desjardins@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering William Suenk.suen@ucl.ac.uk
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy Arthur Petersenarthur.petersen@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science Paul Gillpaul.gill@ucl.ac.uk
UCL School of Management (MSc) Alan Parkinsona.t.parkinson@ucl.ac.uk
UCL School of Management (PhD) Bilal Gokpinarb.gokpinar@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Managers

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Kate Symk.sym@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Katy Le Lionk.lion@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Kati Masseyk.massey@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Karin Aldersonk.alderson@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Paul McKennap.mckenna@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Alex Cravena.craven@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Hab Salikj.salik@ucl.ac.uk
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy Ayden Wilsonayden.wilson@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science (on Maternity) Amy Clemensa.clemens@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science (Maternity cover) Kirstie Buckridgek.buckridge@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Jackie Lovelandjackie.loveland@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Andrea Rayat andrea.rayat@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Vivek Duav.dua@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering (Undergraduate Tutor) Eugeny Buldakove.buldakov@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Liz Jones liz.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Lewis Griffinl.griffin@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Martyn Ficem.fice@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Eral Belemecheng.departmental-tutor@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Rama Balachandranmecheng.departmental-tutor@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Eng) Dean Barrattd.barratt@ucl.ac.uk 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Medical Physics Tutor) Ben Coxb.cox@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science Amy Thorntonamy.thornton.10@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Michelle Tinsleym.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk

Digital Innovation Unit

Role NameEmail
Head of Strategy & Operations, Digital Innovation Unit Chris Neilc.neil@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Communications Jon Wheatleyjon.wheatley@ucl.ac.uk
Communications & Student Engagement Manager   Garance Mourgaudg.mourgaud@ucl.ac.uk
Marketing and Customer Relations Manager Nadine Afflickn.afflick@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Communications Officer (Digital) Emma Whitneye.whitney@ucl.ac.uk

Enterprise Team

Role NameEmail
Programme Director, Strategic Alliances & Corporate Relationships  Feodora Raynerf.rayner@ucl.ac.uk
Corporate and IP Contracts Manager Miki Nattanm.nattan@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty Management Team

Role Name Email
Executive Dean Nigel Titchener-Hookernigelth@ucl.ac.uk
Director of Operations Sara Collinssara.collins@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Tutor / Faculty Graduate Tutor Simon Bankss.t.banks@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Education) John Mitchellj.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Vanessa Diazv.diaz@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Enterprise) Jane Butler jane.butler@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Health) Rebecca Shipleyrebecca.shipley@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Impact) Clare Elwellc.elwell@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Infrastructure) Stavroula Balabanis.balabani@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (International) Eli Keshavarz-Mooree.keshavarz-moore@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Public Policy) Neil Morisettin.morisetti@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Research) Tony Kenyona.kenyon@ucl.ac.uk
Vice-Dean (Strategic Projects) Paola Lettierip.lettieri@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty Office Staff

Role Name Email
Faculty Deputy Director of Operations  Saffron Hutts.hutt@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Operations Manager Jim Mckenziejim.mckenzie@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Operations Assistant Diane Davisdiane.davis@ucl.ac.uk
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Director of Operations (On maternity) Maria Pethick-Speightm.pethick-speight@ucl.ac.uk
Engineering Education Developer & Coordinator Elpida Makrygiannie.makriyannis@ucl.ac.uk
Engineering for International Development Hub Manager Mala Mohindrum.mohindru@ucl.ac.uk
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Coordinator/Executive Assistant Johanna Novalesj.novales@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Education Officer Vicki Kimminsv.kimmins@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Education Administrator Roslyn Fanningr.fanning@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Finance Administrator  Peter Petroupeter.petrou@ucl.ac.uk 
Faculty Impact Coordinator Miriam Nwezemiriam.nweze@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to John Mitchell, Jane Butler, Stravoula Balabani, Eli Keshavarz-Moore & Chris Neil Joanna Fieldj.field@ucl.ac.uk
Interim Executive Assistant to the Dean and Director of Operations  Izzie Harveyi.harvey@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to Simon Banks, Clare Elwell, Tony Kenyon & Vanessa Diaz Natalie Webbn.webb@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty PA to Rebecca Shipley, Emanuela Tilley & Matt Davis Elizabeth Whiteelizabeth.white1@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technologist (on secondment) Matt Smithm.s.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technologist Anna Trostnikovaa.trostnikova@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Senior Staffing Administrator Caralyn Banhamc.banham@ucl.ac.uk
Staffing Assistant Dolores Taylor-Keaned.taylor-keane@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Faculty Estate and Infrastructure Scott Landersscott.landers@ucl.ac.uk
Head of HR (BEAMS) Claire Rowlinsonc.rowlinson@ucl.ac.uk
Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion (BEAMS) Izzie Kpobie- Mensah i.kpobie-mensah@ucl.ac.uk
School Director of Finance, Academic (BEAMS) Elizabeth Franciselizabeth.francis@ucl.ac.uk
UniSA Partnership Craig Styanc.styan@ucl.ac.uk
UniSA Partnership Adeline Tubba.tubb@ucl.ac.uk
UniSA Partnership Ady Jamesa.james@ucl.ac.uk

Heads of Departments

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Gary Lyeg.lye@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering (on sabbatical) Marc-Olivier Coppensm.coppens@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Eva Sorensene.sorensen@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Jose L. Toreroj.torero@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Steve Hailess.hailes@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Sarah Spurgeons.spurgeon@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Yiannis Ventikosy.ventikos@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Andy Nisbetandrew.nisbet@ucl.ac.uk
Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy Joanna Chatawayjoanna.chataway@ucl.ac.uk
Security & Crime Science Richard Wortleyr.wortley@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Bert De Reyckbdereyck@ucl.ac.uk

Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP) - Team

Role Name Email
Director, Integrated Engineering Programme  Emanuela Tilleye.tilley@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Teaching and Learning Administrator  Riyad Joomunr.joomun@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Senior Teaching and Learning Administrator  Kerry-Anne Tarltonk.tarlton@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Principal Teaching Fellow Kate Roachkatherine.roach@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Principal Teaching Fellow Abel Nyamapfenea.nyamapfene@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Teaching Fellow Fiona Truscottf.truscott@ucl.ac.uk
IEP Teaching Fellow Matheus De Andradem.deandrade@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE)

Role NameEmail
IHE Research Manager  Marilyn Avilesmarilyn.aviles@ucl.ac.uk
IHE Communications Georgie Cadeg.cade@ucl.ac.uk
IHE Marketing Alice Hardya.hardy@ucl.ac.uk

Careers Team

Role Name Email
Faculty of Engineering Careers Team Leader Hannah Posner h.posner@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Careers Internships and Vacancies Officer  Aroosa Razaaroosa.raza@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Employer Engagement & Events Officer Dimitrios Zachosd.zachos@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Employer Engineering Careers Consultant Alice Moona.moon@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Engineering Careers Consultant Lee Pikel.pike@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Careers Administrator tbctbc@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Student Engagement Officer Lucy Ayliffel.ayliffe@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Panagiota Angelip.angeli@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhattim.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Neil Cursonn.curson@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Jem Hebdenj.hebden@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Careers Team Leader  tbctbc@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management 

Mark De Freitas

School of Management Hatty Whitworth h.whitworth@ucl.ac.uk

Undergraduate Admissions Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Brenda Parkerbrenda.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Federico Galvaninf.galvanin@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Manni Bhattim.bhatti@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Ingemar Coxi.cox@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Edward Romanse.romans@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Adam Wojcika.wojcik@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomed Eng) Bradley Treebyb.treeby@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Med Phys) Peter Munrop.munro@ucl.ac.uk
Security and Crime Science Krisztian Poschk.posch@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Barry McCarthybarry.mccarthy@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Stephen Toddstephen.todd@ucl.ac.uk

Year Abroad Tutors

Department Name Email
Biochemical Engineering Stefanie Frank stefanie.frank@ucl.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Ryan Wangryan.wang@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering James Haworthj.haworth@ucl.ac.uk
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Beatrice Baudetb.baudet@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Earl Barre.barr@ucl.ac.uk
Computer Science Chris Clackc.clack@ucl.ac.uk
Electronic and Electrical Engineering George Pavlougeorge.pavlou@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Jie Huangjie.huang@ucl.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Will Newton w.newton@ucl.ac.uk
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering  Adrien Desjardinsa.desjardins@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Michael Manlangitm.manlangit@ucl.ac.uk
School of Management Richard Pettingerr.pettinger@ucl.ac.uk

Departmental Student Support Contacts

Department Link 
Biochemical Engineering See department website
Chemical Engineering See department website 
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering See department website 
Computer Science See department website
Electronic and Electrical Engineering See department website 
Mechanical Engineering See department website 
Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering  See department website 
School of Management See department website 
Security and Crime Science See department website 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy See department website