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We work across a broad range of disciplines, but everything we do brings discoveries closer to the people who need them. Proudly part of an open-minded home for arts and sciences, within a global city

Many essential technologies originated from studies and work at UCL, including the rapid production of vaccines, fibre-optic communications (for which a share of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded) and the Internet infrastructure. The complexity of today’s societies means that engineers deal with an incredible range of challenges, ideas and techniques.


The Engineering Faculty is uniquely international, reflecting UCL’s global outlook.  Our students and staff join us from over 120 nations across Europe, the Americas, Africa, India, China, the Middle and Far East, and Australasia – as do our academic and business partners. We have a partnership with Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. But we also recognise our home in London, one of the world’s great cities, and believe in contributing to our local communities and young people.

Engineers create new ideas, blend them with existing ones, and turn them into products and services. They meet the needs of the world. They change the world."
“Engineers create new ideas, blend them with ex


Our programmes are designed to engage students and give them the skills to address the world’s challenges. We have pioneered new teaching methods for our undergraduates, and involve our postgraduates with our cutting-edge, highly-rated academic research. The graduates we educate progress to a wide range of roles, within engineering and technology sectors and beyond.

Formally organised within and across our academic departments, our work and impact transcend the boundaries between academic subjects and specialisms. We work with ten other diverse faculties at UCL, from the Slade School of Fine Art to the School of Life and Medical Sciences, to produce innovative, multidisciplinary work.

UCL’s excellent academic reputation, and expertise across the breadth of engineering – from traditional subjects such as naval architecture to new interdisciplinary explorations in crime science and digital humanities – is reflected in our rankings and in our funding portfolio.


Though diverse, all our departments, institutes and centres specialise in combining the analysis and rigour of science with a spark of innovation and practicality, to change the world.


We are institutional members of SEFI and EPC and have a strong commitment to innovative engineering education.

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