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Abdulkadir AbdulkadiremailInvestigation on potential sources of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Loch Borralan, Northwest Highlands, Scotland.Prof Adrain Jones & Prof Andy Beard 
Mira AdhikariemailThe response of the Antarctic ice sheet to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and carbon dioxide removal.Dr Tamsin Edwards (KCL) & Dr Pete IrvineNERC - DTP
Lucia Andreuttiovaemail4-dimensional Evolution of Fault Zones.Dr Pieter Vermeesch & Prof Tom MitchellNERC - DTP
Alex AustinemailCeramic property variation as a function of water corrosion at interfacesKatharina Marquardt, Imperial College & Prof David DobsonCDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials
Nicholas BackhouseemailResearch Theme: Solid Earth DynamicsDr Andy Thomson & Prof John Brodholt  Impact Studentship 
Geoffrey Baron emailMineral physics of planetary ices.Profs Lidunka Vocadlo & Ian WoodSTFC
Paul BurkeemailUsing computed tomography to investigate gavialoid neuroanatomy to aid crocodylian phylogeny.Dr Phil Mannion & Dr Ryan FeliceSelf-funded
Helen Xi ChenemailGeochemical study on Precambrian hydrocarbons in the Xiamaling Formation, North China Craton.Prof Graham ShieldsChina Council -UCL
Adam CotterillemailA comprehensive assessment of volcanic hazard and mitigation strategies at remote volcanoes: Manam and Ulawun, Papua New Guinea.Dr Emma Liu, Prof Christopher KilburnNERC - DTP
Lauren CoxemailUnderstanding melt distribution beneath volcanoes using experimental and seismic techniques.Dr James Hammond and Prof David DobsonNERC - DTP
Alistair DuffeyemailCould high latitude geoengineering refreeze the arctic?Dr Peter Irvine, Prof Jullienne Stroeve & Dr Michel TsamadosNERC - DTP
Matteo DesiderioemailThe Seismic Signals of the Heterogeneous Earth Mantle.Dr Maxim Ballmer & Prof Ana FerreiraNERC - DTP
Todd DowningemailInvestigating novel metasomatic processes at the Ilímaussaq Complex, South Greenland.Prof Adrian JonesNERC - DTP
Bobby ElsigoodemailMeasuring and modelling anisotropic crack damage and permeability evolution in rocks.Prof Phillip Meredith & Dr Tom Mitchell NERC - DTP
Lisa FuellenbachemailIron (oxy)hydroxide aided heavy metal decontamination.Dr Susan LittleMSCA-ITN (EU)
Christopher Garrison
emailThe Great Dry Fog of 1831: re-appraisinghistorical volcanic eruptions and their effects.Prof Chris Kilburn & Dr Steven EdwardsSelf-funded
Joel HeathemailThe role of tectonics and environment on the distribution of dinosaur diversity.Dr Phil Mannion & Prof Paul UpchurchNERC - DTP
Zarina HewettemailNorth Atlantic circulation during past abrupt climate events in the Holocene.Prof. David Thornalley (Geography) and Dr David WilsonNERC - DTP
Rachel HuntemailThe Role of Communication and Public Education in Tsunami Early Warnings and Responses in New ZealandProf Mark Muslin, Dr Carina Fearnley &  Dr Simon Day, NERC - DTP
Mohamed IsmailemailThe initial condition for the long-term evolution of terrestrial planets.Dr Maxim BallmerSelf-funded
Sarah Jamison-ToddemailThe influence of large vertebrate nekton falls on marine biodiversity and evolution.Prof Paul Upchurch & Dr Phil Mannionself-funded
Thomas JohnsonemailFusion of CryoSat-2, ICESat-2, and MISR remote sensing data for sea ice surface characterisation.Dr Michel Tsamados, Prof Julienne Stroeve & Prof Jan-Peter Muller 
Miranta Kouvari emailClimatic constraints on the distribution of terrestrial Neogene eutherian mammal diversity.Dr Philip Mannion Royal Society
Marcin LatasemailRecalibration and revised biochronology of Pliocene - Pleistocene tropical planktonic foraminifera datums – IODP Expedition 363.Prof Bridget Wade & Prof Paul BownNERC - DTP
Chunyao LiuemailExamining the role of estuarine particles in silicate weathering.Dr. Philip Pogge Von Strandmann, Dr Susan Little & Dr David WilsonChina Council -UCL
Xianyi LiuemailUse lithium isotopes to investigate the role of vegetation in mediating present and past silicate weatheringDr. Philip Pogge Von Strandmann & Dr David WilsonChina Council -UCL 
Keyu LuemailThe importance of micronutrient cycling in glaciated environments for the global carbon cycle – a case study from GreenlandDr Susan Little & Dr David Wilson Prof Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial College)China Council - UCL Scholarship
Kate LaxtonemailMonitoring degassing behaviour and eruption precursors at Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania.Prof Adrian Jones, Dr Emma Liu & Dr. Sudeshna Basu-GuptaNERC - DTP
Robbie MallettemailDetecting and Modelling Snow and its Effects on Arctic Sea Ice.Prof Julienne Stroeve & Dr Michel TsamadosNERC - DTP
Robert ManserghemailDinosaur Biogeography and the Implications of Fossil Record Bias.Prof. Paul Upchurch & Dr. Susannah Maidment (Natural History Museum).NERC - DTP
Augustin MarignieremailFrom Dark Matter to the Earth’s Deep Interior - There and Back Again.Dr Ana Ferreira & Dr Thomas Kitching (MSSL)STFC
Jonathan MilleemailVulnerability to hydro-meteoroloigcal hazards : Interactive mapping solutions and enhanced data analysis and visualisation.Dr Stephen EdwardsNERC - DTP
Paul MintonemailLate Middle Miocene climatic and biotic evolution: a high-resolution record from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site U1338Prof Bridget Wade NERC - DTP
Lily MooreemailMechanical properties and processes of large volcanic collapses.Prof Hilary Downes, Prof Tom Mitchell NERC - DTP
Cassius Morrison emailThe palaeoneurology and palaeoecology of British theropod dinosaurs: behavioural and phylogenetic implications.Dr Phil Mannion & Paul Barrett  (NHM)Self-funded
Carmen NabemailData assimilation of satellite snow thickness products in the Arctic Ocean Dr Michel Tsamados & Prof Julienne StroeveNERC - DTP
Connor NelsonemailInvestigating the Arctic sea ice snowpack and modelling its interaction with microwave radiation.Prof Julienne Stroeve & Dr Michel TsamadosNERC - DTP
Cecily NichollemailThe Evolution and Biogeographic History of Notosuchian Crocodylomorphs.Dr Philip MannionRoyal Society
Elias RugenemailUnderstanding Earth’s carbon cycle through the ProterozoicProf Graham Shields & Imran Rahman, NHMNERC - DTP
Ashley Stanton-YongeemailTridimensional stress and the development of structural permeability.Prof Tom MitchellCONICYT (Comision Nacional de Investigacion Cientifica y Tecnologica), Becas Chile
Adam SmithemailThe Influence of Surface Processes on Continental Deformation: Extension and Erosion in the Basin and Range.Prof. Andrew Carter and Dr Matthew FoxNERC - DTP
Sarah-Jane StrachanemailAnkylosaur Palaeohistology and Life History Traits.Prof Paul Upchurch & Prof Anjali GoswamiSelf-funded
Sarmin SultanaemailInvestigations of hydrological loading influences on the Bengal Basin Aquifer System.Dr William Burgess & Dr Richard TaylorCommonwealth Commission, UK
Isaac TaschimowitzemailInvestigating the Density of a Chondritic Melt Under High Pressure, and Implications for Earth FormationDr Andy Thomson & Prof John Brodholt NERC - DTP
Ze TaoemailLate Miocene climatic and biotic response: high-resolution records from the IODP Site U1338.Prof Bridget WadeChina Scholarships Council - UCL Studentship 
Evangelia K. Tripoliti   emailThe Thermoelastic Properties of Garnets.Dr Andrew Thomson & Prof Ian WoodNERC - DTP
Maria-Jose Vera Gonzalez
email Multiscale characterisation of seismic scattering, diffraction and anisotropy in the lithosphere/asthenosphere system.Dr Alex Song CONICYT Becas-Chile
Blaise WinnardemailLong-term performance of a geological disposal facility in response to permafrost and climatic variation.Dr Tom MitchellProf Phil MeredithIndustrial CASE Studentship: EPSRC & RWM Limited, in partnership with BGS.
Ferhat YilmazemailRegional Climate Modelling and Analysis of Observed and Modelled Trends in Extreme Weather Events in Turkey: An Assessment of the Relative Roles of Global and Regional Climate Drivers in Any Changes.

Prof Dan Osborn  and  Dr Michel Tsamados

Ministry of National Education of The Republic of Turkey
Yuan LinemailUnderstanding the sedimentary authigenesis during the Cryogenian glaciations.Prof Graham ShieldsChina Council -UCL
Kun ZhangemailThe History of Mid-Proterozoic Oceanic Redox Conditions: Implications for Early Eukaryote Evolution.Prof Graham ShieldsChina Council -UCL
Tian Jerry ZheyuemailUnderstanding the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian boundary on the North China craton.Prof Graham ShieldsChina Council -UCL