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Dr Maxim Ballmer

Geodynamics, structure & evolution of planetary mantle, numerical modelling, seismology, solid earth

Lecturer in Geodynamics

Dr Maxim Ballmer



Lecturer in Geodynamics   Kathleen Lonsdale, 

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Crust Dynamics & Evolution

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m.ballmer@ucl.ac.uk020 3108  6830 (56830)

Research Summary

My research focuses on the structure and evolution of planetary mantles. The mantle of the Earth and of other terrestrial planets in (and beyond) the solar system are shaped by the processes of accretion (e.g., giant impacts), differentiation (magma ocean crystallization, partial decompression melting), solid-state segregation and convective mixing. Mantle present-day structures can be indirectly sampled by e.g. gravity measurements, seismic waves, or the chemistry of hotspot volcanism.
To understand planetary evolution, my tools of choice are numerical modeling of mantle convection, and the quantitative comparison of model predictions with geophysical observations and geochemical data.