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Prof Philip Mannion

evolution & ecology, terrestrial vertebrates, ancient biodiversity

Professor in Palaeobiology

Dr Philip Mannion



Professor & Royal Society Research Fellow     Kathleen Lonsdale, G08

Courses Taught:

GEOL0036 - Advanced Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Studies
GEOL0006 - Surface Processess (contributor)
GEOL0007 - The Earth (contributor)
GEOL0009 - Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution (contributor)

Research Group(s):

Royal Society Grant: Climate’s role in shaping Paleogene tetrapod macroevolution.
 Vertebrate Palaeontology

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

p.mannion@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 8208 (58208)

Research Summary

My research examines the macroevolutionary history of terrestrial vertebrates over the last 250 million years, combining ‘traditional’ comparative anatomical approaches, via the description of fossils (primarily sauropod dinosaurs and crocodiles), with the assembly and analysis of comprehensive, quantitative datasets.

A significant theme of my research has focused on characterising the statistical relationships between deep time biodiversity and the geological biases that can obscure our understanding of macroevolutionary patterns.

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In particular, my research aims to understand how past climatic changes constrained the evolution and distribution of ancient biodiversity, with relevance to predicting the long-term responses of climatically-threatened living organisms.