UCL Earth Sciences


UCL Earth Sciences

Earth, planets, palaeontology, micropalaeontology, geochemistry, geohazards, seismology, sedimentology, polar observation and modelling, geodynamics, petrology, volcanism, rock mechanics, mineral physics

Modern Earth Sciences is as dynamic and diverse as the planet itself.  We study everything from the origin of the Earth to the history of the life it sustains. We are an integrative, interdisciplinary, modern science, applying state-of-the-art maths, physics, chemistry and biology in order to better understand the Earth and other bodies in the solar system.

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To understand how our planet works, at depth and at the surface, the ideas and principles of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Geography are integrated in the exciting and stimulating studies which make up Earth Sciences.



The processes at work on and within the Earth and planets, the materials that compose them, their properties, surface processes, the evolution of life and the environment, and the applied geosciences of pollution, natural hazards and resources.


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