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Spotlights: From Canada to London - Rocky Road; Faster Arctic warming hastens 2C rise by eight years; Meet the new Staff; Arctic research expedition; One Minute Geology; Laser scanning the snow in Antarctic; Born of Ice and Fire; Deep diamonds illuminate supercontinent growth; The Alumni Dinner Returns!; Decolonising the Geosciences; Expedition to the top of Mount Michel volcano in serach for lava lake;


Spring 2023

Spotlights: Technical Staff Showcase; Spotlight on Amy Perrio; Welcome new staff; UCL-Yale doctoral exchange; Alumni profile of Dr William Davis; Expedition to remote island's lava lake; What can deep-sea devices hear; Mindful Scholar event; John Bowles' retirement, Award for excellence in Research in Mathematical Petrology; The Climate Action Uni became finalist for UK Green Business Awards

Newsletter Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022

Spotlights: Thanks for all the geology!; Can our data could help spot alien life; Meet the Crystallography & Mineral Physics group; Monitoring the “Seismic swarm”; Report from GSA 2022; Day of Persons with Disabilities; Is London ready for low reservoir levels?; Someone like me; Doing a Reddit;  Women in Earth Sciences highlights; Postgraduate (MSc) Innovation &  Enterprise Competition 2022

2022 Spring Newsletter cover image - fieldwork

Spring 2022

Spotlights: MSci Poster Session “goes live” again; Meet Dr Katie McFall; Back to fieldwork! Antarctic Fieldwork with a Surface-Based Radar; Searching for metals in the Atlantic; The first sign of ancient life?; 'Ghost' fossils & past global warming; Biodiversity, climate & human impact; Careers Event with our alumni; Should we stop climate change early?; Ethnic Diversity Network;

Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Autumn 2021

Spotlights: Flipped classroom ideas; Meet Dr Phil Mannion, Lecturer in Palaeobiology; Reporting from COP26, Glasgow; Responding to a volcanic emergency on La Palma; Arctic rain more common than snowfall; Discover Earth Sciences live lecture series; The Climate Action Unit; Mineralogical Society Award: Congratulations to Prof Lidunka Vočadlo; A year in review reports from Women in Earth Science and the Greenough Student Society;

UCL students explore ancient rocks in virtual reality

Spring 2021

Spotlights: Students explore ancient rocks in virtual reality; Profile: Britney Assam, 2nd year Geology student; Meet Dr Martin Homann, Lecturer in Sedimentology; Life flourish in ocean’s twilight zone; Managing water resources sustainably in the future; Bringing research to schools; The Women in Earth Sciences group; Career event with past alumnae; Kīlauea’s massive 2018 eruption; Geological Society awards 2021

2020 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn 2020

Spotlights: Antarctic bays named after our scientist; Living through an earthquake; Meet an isotope geochemist; Plankton turn hunters to survive dinosaur-killing asteroid impact; Volcanic CO2 emissions measured using drones technology; New geological time scale; Sustainability & the Water cycle; Virtual workshops for schools; Awards in the field of polar science & global warming; Celebrating achievements of our Alumni; Map Bicentenary Meeting;

Newsletter Spring2020 Exploring active volcanism in the South Sandwich Islands

Spring 2020

Spotlights: Earth Sciences enters the world of online fieldtrips and virtual reality; The Department continues to function as a virtual online entity; Meet Dr Peter Irvine, Lecturer in Climate Change; Fieldwork in Central America Volcanic Arc; Geoengineering could reduce climate change risks; Exploring active volcanism in the South Sandwich Islands; GeoBus is off the road in response to COVID-19; The snow science,  The best MSc dissertation award;

MOSAiC Expedition Photo by Lars Barthel

Autumn 2019

Spotlights: Geoscience enters the world of virtual reality; Fieldwork in Central America Volcanic Arc; Meet Dr Peter Irvine, Lecturer in Climate Change; Geoengineering could reduce climate change risks; Exploring active volcanism in the South Sandwich Islands; When volcanoes collapse; GeoBus is off the road in response to COVID-19; The snow science, Awards: Best MSc dissertation;

 Earth’s Deep Mantle Flows Dynamically.

Spring 2019

Spotlights: Hazard Centre activities; Torridonian rocks in Scotland; Earth's inner core observation; Field Geophysics course, Geophysics seminars; meet Dr Stephen Edwards, Professional Awards; Hydrogeological research delivers public benefit in SE Asia; PhD Graduates.

Field Geophysics

Autumn 2018

Spotlights: New staff appointments; Studying extreme events on MSc Geophysical Hazards; Hazard Centre News - mining disasters déjà vu; Using seismology & geodynamics to study the Earth's mantle; Meet Dr Matthew Fox, Polar Research: Arctic sea ice; Clues to Antarctica’s future; How Much it Snows in the Arctic? PhD Awards; Alumni News