UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Section 3 - Computing and Library Resources 



Extensive computing facilities are available in the "cluster rooms", of which there are many across the University campus, including one on the first floor of 1-19 Torrington Place (up the first set of stairs in the East lobby). Information about other locations can be found at: www.ucl.ac.uk/is/clusters/index.htm. Information about the "live" availability of PCs across campus can be found via the UCL Go! App.

Computing facilities are managed by UCL rather than by the Department, and are accessed by students of all disciplines. Access can be limited it is sometimes a good idea to book a computer in advance.

Training courses offered by Information Systems

Although many trainees are computer literate, not all are, and some could benefit from learning how to make more efficient use of software. UCL offers a number of on-site and e-learning introductory and advanced courses that are open to postgraduate students there are free). More information, is available at the UCL Information Systems website: www.ucl.ac.uk/is/training/student/index.htm or e‑mail Information Systems: is-student-courses@ucl.ac.uk


The UCL Library holds around 1.5 million volumes covering all subjects taught at UCL. About half of the stock is available on the open shelves. Holdings relevant to Clinical Psychology can be found at:

· DMS Watson library; also known as the Science Library (where most holdings can be found)

· UCL Medical School library (located in the medical school - Cruciform Building)

There is extensive information about the Library, its services, sites and opening hours at Library Services - UCL – University College London. The psychology subject librarian (Francine Wood) is available to help trainees with their literature searches for the thesis.

University of London Library (Senate House)

UCL students have access to the University Library (entrance on the fourth floor of Senate House, Malet Street). Tickets can be obtained by showing a UCL ID card. This library holds about 1.4 million volumes and over 5,500 current periodicals. The BPS library is based in Senate House, and holdings include a number of psychology journals unavailable in hard copy at UCL. The University of London library catalogue can be accessed via the UCL library website.



A very large number of journals can be accessed electronically, via the UCL library website. E-journals can be accessed from a UCL-managed computer (for example, a machine in one of the cluster rooms) . They can also be accessed off-site (and therefore at home or on placement) using a UCL ID and password.


The library subscribes to a large number of on-line databases (including PsychInfo, Medline, and Embase) and citation databases. As above, these are available both on- and off-site.


The course uses the UCL 'Moodle' site (https://moodle.ucl.ac.uk/) as a platform for posting information about the academic programme. The site contains:

  • details of upcoming lectures, including powerpoints, references and relevant resources
  • teaching and training resources, including a suite of videos demonstrating CBT therapy competences


Test Library

The psychological test reference library contains an extensive range of psychological tests, measures and questionnaires, providing invaluable tools for research, both for our trainees and for the wider UCL body. For Test Library enquiries, see the Research and Finance Administrator in the General Office.

Dissertation Collection

The dissertation collection (which includes dissertations of all past trainees) is available for trainee reference. Theses from 2012 onwards are available in electronic format via the library website.