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Mr Kamalasudhan Achuthan

Kamalasudhan Achuthan

Dr Ilan Adler

PRINCIPAL Teaching Fellow
Ilan Adler

Dr Yasemin Didem Aktas

Lecturer in Applied Materials and Structures for meng Engineering and Architecture
Yasemin Didem Aktas

Dr Bani Anvari

Bani Anvari

Dr Chanakya Arya

associate professor
Chanakya Arya


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Prof Yun Bai

professor of construction materials
Yun Bai

Dr Beatrice Baudet

Beatrice Baudet


Dr Santosh Bhattarai

Lecturer in Space Geodesy or Navigation
Santosh Bhattarai

Dr Manpreet Bhatti

Teaching Fellow
Manni Bhatti

Dr Jan Boehm

Associate professor
Jan Boehm

Dr Aiduan Borrion

Lecturer in Sustainable Infrastructure
Aiduan Borrion

Dr Eugeny Buldakov

Associate professor
Eugeny Buldakov


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Dr Luiza Campos

associate professor
Luiza Campos

Dr Helen Cheng

Senior Lecturer
Helen Cheng

Prof Tao Cheng

Professor of Geoinformatics
Tao Cheng

Dr Yan Cheng

Teaching fellow 
Yan Cheng

Prof Nicola Christie

Professor of transport safety

Dr Lena Ciric

Senior Lecturer
Lena Ciric

Dr Tom Cohen

Tom Cohen

Prof Brian Collins

Chair of Engineering Policy
Brian Collins

Prof Matthew Richard Coop

Professor of Geotechnics
Matthew Coop

Dr Pippa Cowles

teaching fellow IN GEOMATICS

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Prof Dina D'Ayala

Professor of Structural Engineering
Dina D'Ayala

Dr Philippe Duffour

Senior Lecturer
Phillipe Duffour


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Dr Claire Ellul

Reader in Geographical Information Science
Claire Ellul

Dr Tohid Erfani

Associate professor
Torhid Erfani


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Dr Pedro Ferreira

Senior Lecturer
Pedro Ferreira

Mr James Ford

Senior Teaching Fellow
James Ford

Dr Fabio Freddi

Lecturer in Structural Design for meng Engineering and Architectural Design
Fabio Freddi

Dr Taku Fujiyama

Senior Lecturer
Taku Fujiyama


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Dr Carmine Galasso

Senior Lecturer
Carmine Galasso

Andrew Gillen


Dr Paul Groves

Paul Groves


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Dr James Haworth

James Haworth

Prof Ben Heydecker

Professor of Transport Studies
Ben Heydecker

Dr Yukun Hu 

associate professor of infrastructure systems
Dr Yukun Hu


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Dr Jonathan Iliffe

Senior Lecturer
Jonathan Iliffe


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Ms Liz Jones

Principal Teaching Fellow
Liz Jones

Prof Peter Jones

Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development
Peter Jones


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Aldo Lipani


Dr Susana Lopez-Querol

associate professor
Susana Lopez-Querol

Dr Rodolfo Lorenzo

Rodolfo Lorenzo


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Dr Liora Malki-Epshtein

Liora Malki-Epshtein

 Dr Gabriele Manoli 

lecturer in environmental engineering
Dr Gabriele Manoli

Prof Francesca Medda

Professor of Applied Economics and Finance
Francesca Medda


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Dr Arash Nassirpour

Teaching Fellow
Arash Nassirpou


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Ramin Okhrati


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Dr Priti Parikh

Senior Lecturer
Priti Parikh


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No staff in this section

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Dr Tristan Robinson

Senior Teaching Fellow
Tristan Robinson

Prof Stuart Robson

Professor of Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning
Stuart Robson

Prof Tiziana Rossetto

Professor of Earthquake Engineering
tiziana Rossetto


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Mr Daniel Scott

Lecturer in Reality Capture & Geospatial Science
Daniel Scott

Dr Wendel Sebastian

Reader in Structural Engineering
Wendel Sebastian

Prof Richard Simons

Professor of Fluid Mechanics and Coastal Engineering
Richard Simons

Prof Julia Stegemann

Professor of Environmental Engineering
Julia Stegemann

Prof Thorsten Stoesser

professor in civil engineering fluids

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Prof Helena Titheridge

professor of mobility and sustainable transport
Helena Titheridge

Prof Jose Torero Cullen

professor & head of UCL department of civil, environmental, geomatic and environmental engineering
Prof Jose L. Torero

Prof Nick Tyler

Chadwick Chair of Civil Engineering
Nick Tyler


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Prof Gert van der Heijden

Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics
Gert Van Der Heijden


Prof Liz Varga

Professor of complex systems

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Michael Woodrow

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No staff in this section

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No staff in this section

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Dr Mingzhong Zhang

Mingzhong Zhang

Prof Marek Ziebart

Professor of Space Geodesy
Marek Ziebart


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