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At CEGE we’re passionate about making the world a better place. This is not hyperbole. Humanity is at the heart of our mission – our programmes produce professionals who impact the world in a tangible way, whether that’s within disaster relief or building design.

We take a long-term view on our programmes, modelling for a future that hasn’t yet happened, giving you a solid foundation in the technical aspects of civil, environmental and geomatic engineering, but then layering on elements from other disciplines like social justice, climate science and human rights to create innovative responses to global challenges.

We do not work in silos. Instead, information flows in all directions between our students, our faculty, our researchers, graduates and industry professionals. In this manner our thinking is challenged and set free from the isolating stereotypes imposed by class, ethnicity, gender, race or age.

We want you to ask the questions that have never been asked, we want to make you stop and consider things from another point of view, we want you to think about the complexity of our world and how the decisions we make as engineers
could affect future generations.

Our radical programmes and our diverse community will give you the edge in a competitive world, will encourage your critical skills, and will propel your thinking out of the box and into the stratosphere (which is especially useful if your interest lies in satellite navigation systems).

A view of the UCL Chadwick Building and Main Quad in the early 1980s.

History of CEGE

In 1827 the founders of UCL appointed Prof John Millington to teach civil engineering, the first such appointment in England. Two centuries later, CEGE is still at the cutting edge of the discipline.

A view of the UCL Chadwick Building and Gower Street.

Sir Edwin Chadwick

Discover more about public health pioneer, UCL benefactor and our building's namesake, Sir Edwin Chadwick. 

The UCL Portico, a neo-classical columned building.


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