UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Dr Augustin Guibaud

Dr Augustin Guibaud

Lecturer in Energy

Dept of Civil, Environ &Geomatic Eng

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
3rd Feb 2020

Research summary

Dr. Augustin Guibaud investigates fire safety in complex environment, encompassing practical applications as well as fundamental lab-scale flame analyses.

His fields of interest include fire and smoke protection of spacecraft for long-duration missions in low-pressure atmospheres with no buoyant flows; heritage conservation through modelling of fire spread and growth in vaulted structure, with an emphasis on the interactions between the fire and the structure; city-scale fire modelling to improve existing policies and response protocols in densely-populated areas; and land management for wildfire resilience.

Teaching summary

Dr. Augustin Guibaud


Dr. Augustin Guibaud is a Lecturer in Energy within the Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department since 2021. He joined UCL as a Research Fellow in 2020, following a PhD at Sorbonne Université (Paris, France) for which he received the 2020 Prix de la Chancellerie. He holds a combined MSc degree from Ecole polytechnique (Palaiseau, France) and Imperial College (London, UK). He is a member of the Fire Safety in Space ESA International Topical Team, and of the Structure group of the French CNRS/Ministry of Culture Chantier Scientifique Notre Dame de Paris.