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Industrial Strategy

IIPP advocates for a new 21st-century approach to industrial policy, one that puts public value creation at the heart of policymaking and emphasises the need for governments to shape and co-create markets, not just fix them. Through well-defined goals, or more specifically ‘missions’, policymakers have the opportunity to determine the direction of growth, coordinate action across different sectors and nurture new industrial landscapes.

Research projects

IIPP challenges the idea of market failures as the only justification for government interventions. Instead, we propose industrial policies and innovation-led ‘smart’ growth policies aimed to create and shape markets. We have articulated these ideas in a number of research projects on sustainable development, industry 4.0, and health innovation.

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 Policy projects

IIPP works closely with governments and public institutions around the world to translate cutting-edge theory on the role of the state in the economy into practice. With our partners, we are informing the design of industrial strategies aimed at maximizing public value and shaping more inclusive and sustainable economies. 

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Media outlets

Strategic clarity is needed now more than ever to face both the immediate cost-of-living crisis and the longer-term structural challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Mariana Mazzucato | Project Syndicate | October 2022

Final response: Missions concern far more than scientific and industrial development. They are ultimately about public value creation.

Mariana MazzucatoRainer Kattel and Josh Ryan-Collins | Boston Review | September 2021


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