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What is MOIN USA?


MOIN USA is a dedicated US chapter of the Mission-Oriented Innovation Network which works with US policy makers and academics to explore how mission-oriented and public value driven innovation can tackle grand challenges in the US context.

MOIN USA launched in March 2021 with representation from US public agencies DARPA, NASA, NYSERDA, SBA/ SBIR, ARPA-E and NSF alongside representation from US philanthropies and institutes - the Rockefeller Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Roosevelt Institute.

The MOIN USA Policy Note provides further details in regards to the approach of the network.

Goals of MOIN USA

  • To build a research and policy agenda for shaping and co-creating markets, focusing on missions and public value, with a network of public institutions and academic partners in the US.
  • To experiment with the ROAR policy toolkit that enables MOIN members to envision, justify and evaluate mission-oriented innovation.
  • To foster new dynamic capabilities both inside and amongst US public institutions.

Key outputs of MOIN USA

  • A peer-to-peer learning platform for US public agencies on mission-oriented and public value driven innovation.
  • A network of US academics guiding new thinking on the use of innovation and industrial strategy to tackle local, regional and national challenges.  
  • A co-created research agenda in which academics and policy-making institutions test emerging ideas in practical contexts.

MOIN USA Supporters

WF Hewlett
MOIN USA is supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.