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About the Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS)

Learn more about the UCL Commission for Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS).

UCL Commission on Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy - first meeting 1 March 2018

What is the MOIIS Commission? 

Focus of the MOIIS Commission

  • The Commission have focussed upon how the process of solving missions can be designed to allow bottom-up experimentation, working directly with the government on how missions should be framed to satisfy these criteria, and how missions can deliver public value.
  • The Commission is supported by UCL Public Policy.  UCL Public Policy supports academic policy engagement enhancing the policy impact of UCL research.

What is a 'mission-oriented framework'?

As quoted by Professor Mazzucato's working paper  Mission-Oriented Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities the following criteria is needed for Missions:

Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Bold and address societal value
  • Concrete targets: you know when you get there!
  • Involve research and innovation
  • Cross-sectoralcross-actor, and cross-disciplinary
  • Have multiple competing solutions 
  • Missions offer a way of solving problems
  • An example of this can be seen in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

UK Industrial Strategy's Grand Challenges

The UK Industrial Strategy sets out four clear and ambitious Grand Challenges to drive innovation and investment:

AI and Data Economy
AI & Data Economy

We will put the UK at the forefront of the artifical intelligence and data revolution

Clean Growth
Clean Growth

We will maximise the advantages for the UK industry from the global shift to clean growth

Future of Mobility
Future of Mobility

We will become a world leader in the way people, goods and services move

Ageing Society
Ageing Society

We will harness the power of innovation to help meet the needs of an ageing society

Photos of the Commission