Franck Pichaud Research Group

1992 Master Degree Biochemistry, Paris 6 University, France
1993 Diploma degree, Pasteur Institute and Paris 6 University, France
1997 PhD, Paris 6 University, France
Franck Pichaud
Tel: 020 7679 7817
Fax: 020 7679 7805
1993 MRT PhD scholarship
1997 ARC Post doctoral fellowship
1999-2001 HFSPO Post doctoral fellow
Previous Posts: 
1997-2000 HHMI Fellow with Claude Desplan, Rockefeller University, NYC, NY, USA
2000-2003 HFSP Fellow with Claude Desplan, NYU, NYC, NY, USA
2003- MRC Career Track Group Leader LMCB- UCL
2007- MRC Group leader LMCB-UCL
2013- Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology LMCB-UCL

Polarity & Morphogenesis

Understanding how a functional organ can be produced from a small group of precursor cells remains an outstanding question in cell and developmental biology. The developing compound eye of Drosophila melanogaster has long been a model of choice for addressing this question by dissecting the cellular, genetic and molecular pathways that govern cell specification, differentiation, and multicellular patterning during organogenesis.

Our work focuses on cell and tissue morphogenesis during fly retinal development, including the regulated changes in cell shape and cell packing that ultimately determine the shape and architecture of the compound eye. We are particularly interested in uncovering new principles and mechanisms that regulate the cell shape changes, cell-cell junction remodeling and polarized membrane growth that underlie photoreceptor morphogenesis and retinal patterning.

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Lab Members: 
Amira Brigui
Mubarik Burki
Chiara Mencarelli
Francisca Nunes De Almeida
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