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Our aim is to inspire a spirit of enterprise across UCL: to ensure that the economic and societal benefits of our research are fully realised. To achieve this, UCL Innovation and Enterprise brings together academics, the business community and other potential beneficiaries of our research in order to maximize its potential for commercialisation and ‘real world’ use. The goal is to secure our institution’s long-term place as a global leader in enterprise and innovation.

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UCL start-up bio-bean returns to campus to turn your waste coffee into biofuel

UCL graduate Arthur Kay (BSc Architecture 2013), co-founder of the coffee grounds recycling company bio-bean, the biofuels and biochemicals company, has joined forces with UCL Estates, Sodexo, O&G, UCLU and Bywater Waste Management, to turn waste coffee grounds from coffee shops across campus into fuel.

Arthur Kay



#LearnHack 3.0

UCLU TechSoc, UCL ISD and UCL Innovation and Enterprise have teamed up for LearnHack - a hackathon for both techies and non-techies and open to all from UCL and beyond that is all about improving education and revolutionising the way people learn.

Success Stories 

Using data, information sharing and analysis to drive down crime

Understanding the issues and the problems that drive crime and what works and why in terms of solutions and prevention, has to be a key component of 21st century policing. This is especially the case in an economic environment where budgets and resources are under real pressure to achieve value and results.