Rosalind Franklin Appathon

Rosalind Franklin Appathon for Women in STEMM

We’re excited to share the news with you that i-sense, UCL Enterprise and the London Centre for Nanotechnology have launched the Rosalind Franklin Appathon- a national app competition to empower and recognise women as leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine).

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Athena Vision logo

UCL announces the launch of gene therapy company Athena Vision

Athena Vision is focused on developing gene therapies for eye diseases based on research conducted at UCL. More...

Globally 387 million people have diabetes

International UCL-led study prompts rethink on the rise of diabetes in cities

New research led by UCL for the Cities Changing Diabetes partnership shows socio-cultural factors including time pressure, commuting time and where you live play significant roles in diabetes vulnerability. More...

UCL scientist wins £1.87m grant to investigate challenges posed by autonomous cars together with a team of engineers from Cranfield University

UCL scientist wins £1.87m grant to investigate challenges posed by autonomous cars together with a team of engineers from Cranfield University

Professor Nilli Lavie from UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience teamed up with engineering experts from Cranfield University and their interdisciplinary project was awarded a £1.87 million grant to research into some of the challenges posed by autonomous cars. The team was one of five research projects that will take part in a new £11 million research programme to develop fully autonomous vehicles, jointly funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Jaguar Land Rover. More...

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Institute of Digital Health

Digital Health Research Methods seminar

What does qualitative research look like for Digital Health at UCL? This seminar will bring together different qualitative researchers around UCL who work in Digital Health and related areas. More...


Leadership and Management

3-day CPD Accredited Leadership and Management Training for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, UCL Staff, Alumni and Post-graduate Students. More...

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UCL Portico

How UCL is helping entrepreneurs reach their goals

By Timothy Barnes, Director UCL Advances

What do turning waste coffee grounds into biofuel, creating a new website to advise gap-year students and volunteers travelling off the beaten track, and a technology to help shops understand the demographics of customers coming through their doors all have in common? They are just three of the many successful start-ups which began life at University College London. The projects were launched by student entrepreneurs who were helped by UCL advisers with business planning and won awards which gave them early funding. Thanks to the support they received from UCL, all three are now thriving. More...

London is a scientific powerhouse – and it’s about more than Nobel Prizes

By Stephen Caddick, Vice-Provost (Enterprise) at UCL
THE AWARD of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine this week to London-based professor John O’Keefe, along with his colleagues Moser and Moser, is well-deserved recognition for truly ground-breaking science – science which, in time, could have profound ramifications for the way we understand and treat neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Market success for university research

The recent success of Imperial College in realising £10m cash in exchange for a 10 per cent share holding in Imperial Innovations shows the continued market interest in the commercialisation of university research (report, 24 June).