Electron Microscopy

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The electron microscopy (EM) laboratory is a collaborative unit, specialising in cell biological EM since the opening of the LMCB in 1993. With state-of-the-art specimen preparation and imaging technologies, and two experienced researchers, we support the needs of the LMCB groups in all their EM research.

We have experience using a wide range of electron microscopy techniques as well as experience working with a broad range of model organisms.

We provide a full range of support for LMCB researchers throughout the entire timeline of their projects, from planning experiments through to training, sample preparation, imaging and data analysis. The support given is tailored to each project, dependent on the technical difficulty of the experiments and the experience of the researcher. This can vary from advice and technical support for the more experienced, full training in required techniques and the equipment use for the less experiences researchers or the undertaking of the EM projects ourselves, a collaborative endeavor as part of the ongoing research.

Should you need any further information please contact us.

Dr. Jemima Burden (Head of Electron Microscopy)

Dr. Ian White

Electron Microscopy Publications                                                                                                                        



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  • FEI T12 Tecnai Spirit biotwin with tomography, LaB6, and SIS morada 11megapixel digital camera
  • Phillips CM10 coupled to a 1kx1k Gatan digital camera (tungsten).
  • Leica EMPACT high pressure freezer
  • Leica automated freeze substitution machine AFS
  • Leica automated freeze substitution machine AFS 2 with FSP (for programmable solution transfer)
  • Leica UC7 ultramicrotome with HD camera and live view monitor
  • Leica UCT ultramicrotome
  • Leica UCT cryo-ultramicrotome
  • BioRad 3100 critical point dryer
  • Baltec Med020 for rotary shadowing, carbon/platinum coating and freeze drying.
  • PC Workstations with image analysis software, tomography reconstruction and rendering software are also in place.


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  • Conventional aldehyde fixation and resin embedding
  • High pressure freezing with freeze substitution
  • Tokuyasu cryo preparation
  • Room temperature sectioning: semi-thins, ultra-thins, serial sectioning
  • Cryo-sectioning
  • Whole mounts
  • Rip-offs
  • Pre-embedding immunolabelling
  • Correlative Light and Electron microscopy (CLEM): organism, cellular and organelle levels. XY and XZ orientations.
  • 3D EM: Reconstruction of tilt tomograms, TEM images of serial sections, Serial Block Face SEM images or Focused ion beam SEM images.

Model Organisms:


  • virus infected cells
  • primary and immortalized cell cultures
  • brain tissue
  • S. cerevisae 
  • S. pombe
  • C. elegans
  • D. melanogaster (embryos, retina, imaginal discs, thorax epithelium)
  • Danio rerio




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