Transforming Our Professional Services


Current projects

Last year we considered a group of projects to address issues in areas where your feedback told us the services do not work as well as they could.

From this list and alongside all of the community feedback, we worked with Service Directors and Faculty Managers to select the following initiatives:

1. Timetabling and room booking improvements, ensuring the 2018/19 timetable is published before the start of the new academic year
2. UCL Year Planner to improve the visibility of core Professional Services activities and timelines across the institution
3. Clinical Trials Contracts to understand and address feedback raised by researchers regarding Clinical Research Support
4. Unitemps to improve the recruitment of casual and temporary workers
5. Staff recruitment to improve the new staff recruitment process
6. Improve the way we buy goods and services 

These priority projects are being progressed by teams across UCL. As we finish each project and its work integrates into our everyday processes, we will continue to identify and deliver the next set of priorities throughout the life of the TOPS programme.

Current projects