Transforming Our Professional Services


Staff Recruitment

The Staff Recruitment project aims to improve the experience of staff recruitment for hiring managers, colleagues and candidates.

What is the Staff Recruitment Project

TOPS are working closely with HR, ISD, Procurement and wider UCL colleagues to:

  1. Transform our recruitment processes and policies, ensuring they're integrated with MyHR
  2. Replace ROME, our current recruitment system used by hiring managers and candidates.
  3. Introduce a new careers website and integrated onboarding platform for candidates and new hires 


Improving our policies, processes and system will make things easier for hiring managers, colleagues and candidates applying for UCL roles.

The benefits will include: 

  • An improved user experience by introducing a system that allows a 100% online process from application to onboarding.
  • More standardised processes, improving compliance and consistency. 
  • Better capabilities for online reporting through dashboards and metrics so we can measure process effectiveness.  
  • A new recruitment system which is fully integrated with MyHR as well as external job boards. 
  • Time saved due to the system remembering relevant information and access being through single-sign on.
  • An integrated onboarding process.
  • Scalability for future talent management initiatives.

Project progress and next steps

In 2019 we completed the comprehensive procurement process and TalentLink (provided by Lumesse) was identified as the clear choice to replace ROME. In addition we also procured a third party onboarding system, Enboarder, which will be integrated with TalentLink. 

We then collaborated with impacted teams across UCL to make sure the new system: is integrated with our current systems, processes and policies; will allow for improvements throughout the recruitment process; and will be compatible with any future changes.

Following feedback from the community around the stability of the MyHR system which was introduced in February 2020, UCL decided that the key resources on the Staff Recruitment project refocus and reprioritise their work to address these issues before we begin any development work on the new recruitment system. As the new system will be integrated into the MyHR, it is vital to have a stable environment to connect with.

A project team has now been set up to finalise the design of the future system and processes, and develop an implementation plan.