Transforming Our Professional Services


Service Partnership Framework

We have been working with the community to design and test a framework for managing the performance and improvement of our professional services.

What is the Service Partnership Framework?

The Service Partnership Framework (SPF) is designed to support a shared culture of collaborative service delivery and improvement between academic and professional services staff. The Framework provides a governance structure and process to establish both a clear relationship between service user and service provider, and consistent and reliable ways of measuring, monitoring and reporting service quality.

TOPS Executive reviewed the current portfolio of TOPS projects in December 2019. They decided to transition the SPF project to the Planning Team due to the clear alignment with the team’s roles in both strategic planning and data and insight.

How will it help?

The SPF will help us address a number of issues relating to the delivery of professional services that have been highlighted through feedback from the UCL community. The Framework will help:

  • Establish clear expectations of the level of service from different professional services and define an established governance route to escalate consistent service issues.
  • Improve clarity around who is accountable for what elements of professional service delivery and around the ownership of performance measures. 
  • Improve our data management, support smarter use of data to enable decision making and improve access to data.
  • Improve user experience, reduce the effort to use services and support a well-developed service culture. 
  • Integrate business partnering, service delivery, user experience, service management and strategic planning, rather than focusing on solving issues in isolation

Progress and next steps

ISD have created their own Service Partnership Board which met for the first time in February 2020 - they are in the process of working with the Data and Insight team to develop their Tableau dashboard to track and monitor key performance indicators.

In time, the Service Partnership Framework will be implemented across Professional Services, this will involve:

  • Establishing Service Partnership Boards in each PS area – a mixed membership group of service users and service providers who regularly review both strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational service level agreements (SLAs) based on their service catalogues.
  • Design and implement a Service Management Framework – a balanced scorecard  of metrics and measures to be reported on at the Service Partnership Boards.
  • Review our current data sources across professional services and identify further requirements that would be needed from a potential future data solution that could support the SPF.