Transforming Our Professional Services


Service Catalogue

We have worked with the community to develop a tool to help organise and describe the services provided by professional services teams within UCL.

What is the Service Catalogue?

The Professional Services (PS) Service Catalogue clearly defines the professional services we provide – in a consistent format – in terms of who they are for, who owns them, how often they are provided, where they are provided from, how they depend on other areas and who is accountable for their delivery.

The PS Service Catalogue includes 12 functional areas: CAM, Commercial, Education Administration and Student Support, Estates, Finance, Governance, HR, ISD, Legal, Planning, PS Hub and Research and Innovation Support. These functional areas have been broken down to 48 different service groups, within which we have identified 296 distinct services.

As the TOPS programme team has delivered what it set out to achieve, namely the creation of the PS Service Catalogue, management of the Catalogue has now been handed over to the Planning Team. Each of the 12 functional areas that make up the PS Service Catalogue will be maintained by a nominated Service Area Owner from a relevant professional service area. 

How will it help? 

The PS Service Catalogue:

  • Outlines all of the professional services offered to colleagues across the university and clarifies who is responsible for delivering each service.
  • Helps us to understand where there might be gaps in our services so we can work to address these, as well as to identify where we might be duplicating our efforts. 
  • Helps build a better understanding of the dependencies between professional services teams and makes it easier for faculty based and centrally based services to understand how they can better support each other.
  • Provides ISD with a consistent view of technology needs across professional services.

Together, this evidence and insight can support planning and decision making, and inform future transformation and strategic change. The PS Service Catalogue is currently being used to support the Covid-19 crisis management activities, for example, ISD are using the Catalogue to support their own planning and response as the Catalogue provides an oversight of systems and tools we use that they don’t directly support. 

How was it developed?

Between August 2019 and January 2020 we worked closely with each PS area, with Faculty Directors of Operation and a selection of service users. Through a series of workshops we built individual service catalogues for each service area by identifying the different services they provided and collating these into service groups. We then reviewed and validated these with service users and representatives from those areas.

Once we built these into an overall, cross-function PS Service Catalogue, this was reviewed by each professional service area and taken to TOPS Executive for final approval.