Transforming Our Professional Services


UCL Year Planner

We have developed a high level UCL Year Planner to improve visibility of core professional service activities and timelines across the institution.

UCL colleagues receive numerous activity requests from professional service staff and the Vice Provost Offices throughout the year. Sometimes these requests have short deadlines and conflict with other work taking place. 

Our solution was to develop a UCL Year Planner showing the timings for major pieces of work and activities required by central professional services and Vice Provost Offices. We established a cross-institutional working group, which met regularly to feed into the planner’s activities. 

The aim of the project was to produce a planner which enables staff to see in advance when deadlines for key tasks and activities are due. 

Progress to date

The first version of the online tool has been built and tested by a group of 50 professional service colleagues.  A cross-institutional working group met regularly to feed into the Planner's activities. We focused on keeping the information at a high level so that it's easy to filter through a searchable online tool.

We are piloting the Year Planner for 2018/19 and if it's successful, will convert this project into a business as usual activity led by the Planning Team.  This holistic view of what's required and when, allows staff to plan work schedules for the academic year ahead.