Your Guide to Thrive

This fun-packed week in Term 1 (Monday 20th - Friday 24th November 2023) is designed to help you develop good self-care practices at UCL. Our fayre, walks and workshops will nurture your financial and academic skills, as well as your physical and mental health. Be sure to book your spot at these events and activities!

Library Workshop

Animated image of bookshelf and desk

Learn how to make the most out of UCL Libraries by finding resources, refining your library research skills and referencing to avoid plagiarism.

How to Budget

Animated image of coins and cash

The Money Charity share their top tips for understanding Student Finance, managing your money and live independently at university.

Awe Walk

Animated image of Big Ben in London

Explore London at the height of autumn and become inspired by your surroundings. The Romantic poets called it the Sublime - we call it the Awe Walk!

Personal Safety Talk

Animated image of students helping each other up a set of stairs

Learn valuable tools and techniques for keeping yourself and others safe from the UCL Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Office.

Sleep School Session

Animated image of a bed

Attend a talk led by Sleep School to learn healthy sleep habits, an important self-care practice for your health and wellbeing.

It's Never Too Late Fair

Animated image of fayre market stall

Missed out on meeting the Student Union Societies during Welcome? No need to worry. It's never too late to sign up during our Fair and make new friends.

Therapy Dogs

Animated image of three dogs

Are you an animal lover? Missing a pet at home? Come pet a pooch and meet our lovable Therapy Dogs on campus! (No need to book)

Perfectionism Workshop

Animated image of students dancing and talking

Constantly striving for perfection often does more harm than good. Learn our tips for letting go of self-criticisms and being kinder to yourself.

Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Animated image of students holding a 'thumbs up'

It can be all too easy to compare yourself to others. We're here to remind you of the successes, skills and self-worth that brought you to university.

Academic Writing Skills

Animated image of students holding pencils and writing essays

The Academic Communication Centre will help you develop your academic writing, gain research skills and find helpful self-access resources.

In your department

Animated image of students and seminar leader at a workshop

Find out which events from our campaign will be happening in your department or faculty.

In your accommodation

Animated image of apartment building

Find out which events from our campaign will be happening in your UCL accommodation or halls of residence.

Build your SSW

We curate our campaigns to support the three core aspects of your own SSW: Social bonding, Skills for life and Wellbeing at university. Each activity aims to develop one, two, or all three of these aspects.

Venn diagram with each circle showing Social, Wellbeing and Skills