Talk and Q&A with The Sleep School

Learn innovative techniques for sleep hygiene and healthy habits with Sleep School.

Book onto the Tuesday Sleep School Talk and Q&A

Tuesday 21st November 2023, 4.30pm-5.30pm (Torrington Place 1-19, Room G13)

Book onto the Thursday Sleep School Talk and Q&A

Thursday 23rd November 2023, 12pm-1pm (webinar)

In-person session

In this lecture and Q&A, Dr Guy Meadows, a leading sleep expert from Sleep School, will talk you through all the sleep essentials you need to succeed during the exam period.

This session is aimed at all UCL students. The content will cover:

  • Sleep’s crucial role in supporting our mental, emotional and physical health
  • Common factors affecting undergraduate student sleep
  • How much sleep do we need and how to manage a sleep debt
  • How to create a regular sleep/work/life routine to improve our sleep quality
  • Effectively managing nighttime waking
  • How to optimise your lifestyle habits for better sleep
  • How to sleep well during exam season
  • Clinically proven tool to help calm a busy mind and a restless body
  • Q&A

Online webinar

This webinar will cover the same content as the in-person session on Tuesday 21st November.

Please note that this session will be online via Zoom. You will receive the link to join the event in your order confirmation email, and in a reminder email before the event starts.