In your accommodation

See the range of events and activities happening in your halls for Your Guide to Thrive. No need to book, just turn up.

Welfare desk

Sunday 19th November 2023, 12pm (Goldsmid)

Our Student Welfare Desk is here to lend a caring ear and a helping hand, ensuring your wellbeing is a top priority throughout your journey at UCL. If you have any questions relating to welfare, pop down to speak Victor from Goldsmid.

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

Sunday 19th November 2023, 7.30pm (Schafer)

Elevate your wellbeing with our Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness session. Led by Ashley, you will discover the perfect blend of physical and mental harmony for a more serene and balanced life. 

Student Budgeting Tips

Monday 20th November 2023, 7.30pm (New Hall)

Join our Student Budgeting Tips session with Sakuko to master the art of financial balance, allowing you to make the most of your university experience without emptying your wallet.

Student Budgeting Tips

Monday 20th November 2023, 7.30pm (St Pancras Way)

Join our Jasmine's Student Budgeting Tips session and discover the savvy tricks to navigate student finances with confidence, ensuring you get the most out of your college experience while staying within your budget.

Meditation and Journal Writing

Monday 20th November 2023, 8pm (109 Camden Road)

Unleash your inner wisdom and find serenity in our Meditation and Journal Writing session with Ellie-Jai, where you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, clarity and personal growth.

Meditation Night

Tuesday 21st November 2023, 7.30pm (Astor)

Experience a rejuvenating meditation night with Apphia and discover the bliss of inner peace in a tranquil setting that nourishes your soul.

Group Journaling 

Tuesday 21st November 2023, 7.30pm (Campbell House East)

Join our Group Journaling session with Monique and embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity, where you'll find inspiration, connection, and the magic of shared stories.

Sleep Yoga

Tuesday 21st November 2023, 7.30pm (John Dodgson)

Discover the path to peaceful slumber with our Sleep Yoga session. Hosted by Ankith, the gentle movements and relaxation techniques in this session will guide you to a night of restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Group Journaling 

Tuesday 21st November 2023, 7.30pm (Ramsay)

Unleash your creativity and connect with others in Jade's Group Journaling session, a supportive space where you can share, reflect, and express your thoughts and experiences through the written word.

Yoga and Stretching 

Thursday 23rd November 2023, 6.30pm (Frances Gardner)

Support your wellbeing with our invigorating Yoga and Stretching session. In Eleanor's session, you will unwind your body, quiet your mind and rejuvenate your spirit in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Student Budgeting Tips

Thursday 23rd November 2023, 7.30pm (James Lighthill)

Join our Student Budgeting Tips session with Alex and learn the secrets to managing your finances like a pro, so you can enjoy your uni years without breaking the bank.

Tools for Coping with Stress

Friday 24th November 2023, 7.30pm (OPS)

Empower yourself to conquer stress and find inner peace with our Tools for Coping with Stress session. Led by Jason, the session will teach you practical strategies for a calmer, more resilient you.

Coping with Stress 

Friday 24th November 2023, 7.30pm (UrbanNest Kings Cross)

Join our Coping with Stress Help session with Sneha to explore effective strategies for managing stress, and take a step towards a happier, healthier you.

Tea and Biscuit Drop-in

Friday 24th November 2023, 8.30pm (Bernard Johnson)

Sip on soothing tea, nibble on biscuits and engage in friendly conversation at our cosy drop-in with Carolina.